It is Better to GIVE than to RECEIVE

As you all know, this year is a tough one for most Americans.
Unemployment rates are the highest in 26 years.

Food banks & soup kitchens all over the country are really hurting and need our help.
They are running low on food supplies due to the increased number of hungry people showing up daily.

What can I do to help?
Good question!

You can click on this link to access your local food bank in your community. You can donate money, food or time to these very much needed organizations.
We can't let them fail.

I am a member of Jersey Bites, and Deb is in charge of a large statewide campaign this month raising awareness to this very important cause. Please check out her site for more information.

For all of you NJ readers, here is the link to the NJ Food Bank. Please support them especially during this tough time of year.

Lisa from Jersey Girl Cooks had a good idea: forgo your daily Starbucks latte this week and donate the $5. per day to the local food bank. Great idea!

Thanks for listening.
Happy Holidays


kat said…
This is where our charity money is going to this year in MN
I love this cause...great cause.
Anonymous said…
Now you're talkin'....

Latte, schmatte.... give the bucks to those who really need something to eat and drink.

LaDue & Crew said…
Fantastic. Bloggers are amazing when it comes to helping causes- this one being of utmost importance.
Anonymous said…
At my last office meeting I suggested that we skip the "secret Santa" tradition of drawing names and giving a $10 gift and donate the money to a worthy cause. Everyone thought this was a great idea and we picked a food bank as the recipient.

Wonderful post! ♥Rosemary
Pam said…
Great cause - it's so important to help the less fortunate.
Maria said…
Giving is what this season is all about! Great post!
Anonymous said…
'Tis the Season, as you say, and this post was a wonderful reminder to give thanks and remember those less fortunate. Thank you.

Your #1 Fan, EllenB
Pearl said…
hi there - thank you for posting this. :)

i found your blog by random and was wondering if i may add you to my blog roll? i adore your blog :)
Gloria Baker said…
Love this Stacetm great cause! Gloria
Anonymous said…
We are working at a soup kitchen tonight and Friday!
Shelley said…
Now, that is a great idea!!!! All the money people waste on expensive coffee should go to the food banks! Love it! I'll be donating something, you can count on it!
Maris said…
It is sad how a lot of charities and food banks that depended on donations from major financial institutions are struggling this year. Even though times are tough I think they need support now more than ever.
Anonymous said…
what a great post. what's interesting is that i didn't even think about how soup kitchens/food banks are hurting w/ the economy too. if the poor can't afford to eat at soup kitchens, where can they turn? thanks for the inspiration!