I must be insane to do this.
This is what people do in institutions to pass the time.
My mother used to do needlepoint to relax her, she said it was very calming.

Well, this is certainly calming. Though it might make you crazy! What a chore.
Wouldn't do it again, but I did it, so I am going to blog about it.

WARNING: Buy these at the store ready made, it is much easier!

I needed some candied orange peel for a recipe this weekend and had a big bag of oranges in the outside fridge that were going to be thrown away if I didn't use them, so why not make my own candied orange peel?

I found this recipe on a blog called USE REAL BUTTER, her photos are gorgeous and she made it sound easy.
Believe me, it is a 2 person job, unless you want to peel and slice oranges all night.

First start by cutting your thick skinned oranges in half, and use the fruit for delicious fresh squeezed juice, that is what we did.

Now I have all these ugly squeezed oranges. Now get rid of the leftover pulp inside, and most of the pith (if you can!). Some sites say to keep the pith, others say it makes the peel too bitter.
My husband helped me by using a grapefruit knife (hey, it was an activity that we could do together and spend quality time together............).


Once you have your orange peels nice and clean (about an hour later w/ 2 people working), drink the 2 glasses of delicious juice, vodka optional.

Slice your peels into 1/4" strips. Put them in a saucepan and cover w/ cold water and boil. Pour off the water, and do this 2 more times.

Now add 3 cups of sugar and water to the saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer and cook about 45 minutes till translucent.

Remove peels from syrup and roll in sugar. Dry on wax paper on a rack for about 4 hours.
Jennifer from Use Real Butter dipped hers in chocolate (fancy pants), but I needed mine for a recipe (next week's surprise), so they are stored in a container for future use.

They were really delicious, but not my kind of fun!
If I wasn't insane before I made them, I feel like I am now.


kat said…
I've made some candied lemon peel for decorations on cupcakes & I to wondered what I was doing
Pam said…
I heard these were really a pain to make. They sure look pretty and tasty.
SarahB said…
if it's any consolation, they look lovely!
Anonymous said…
Good Lord -- I would have quit midway through and just settled in with the vodka and OJ. I also admire you for your ability to enjoy cooking with your husband. I can't stand to cook with mine because he doesn't do things the way I do them and I'm always afraid I'm going to stab him with a fork or something. Enjoy those candied orange peels!!

Your #1 Fan, EllenB
The Food Hunter said…
Good to know. I was thinking about making these but you just convinced me to buy them instead. Thanks
A lot of work but they do look good. So funny as I have oranges on my blog today too. Great minds think alike:)
Patsyk said…
You crack me up! :) My mom used to make candied orange peels every year... I don't remember ever watching her do it though. Maybe that's a good thing otherwise I may have been recruited to help! ;)
Anonymous said…
I used to make these all the time before I knew any better. Along with canning tomatoes, making my own jams and jellies, etc.

You should make some crystalized ginger next! :-) ♥Rosemary
Bob said…
I'm with EllenB, I would have just made a drink and called it a day. Heh. I'm jealous you can cook with your husband, my girlfriend can't help me in the kitchen at all.
Anonymous said…
I was going to try to make candied orange peels. However, I'm glad I read you blog post. It just sounds too hard.
Anonymous said…
Wow, you are full of energy! Yeah I would have bought mine too but these would be delish hanging off the edge of my martini.
They look perfect, but I'm taking your word for it!! I will buy mine for sure!
Alexa said…
Ha Ha! Insanity feeds the soul-:-)
I made some over the summer. We coated ours with dark chocolate and used some in muffins.
Have a great weekend, Stace!
Maria said…
I love candied citrus! It is the best!
Lori Lynn said…
Haha Stace - I know what you mean, I just cannot make these labor intensive things when I can just buy them at the same quality. I would lose interest halfway through, and have some wine I am sure. Then I would need my sober friend to finish the job. Cool that you did it! They look lovely.