Homemade Chicken Orzo Soup

Can you believe I have never made homemade chicken noodle soup? It's true.
I always buy it at the Jewish deli.

Chicken soup has been nicknamed "Jewish Penicillin" because research shows that there really are some healing properties in the soup, and so many Jewish grandmothers make this soup! Mine always did. (see earlier post).
One does not have to be Jewish to make or eat this soup!

Everyone I know seems to have a cold or flu this week. T'is the season. So decided to make some soup and feed the masses.

Usually I would save my homemade stock for butternut squash or minestrone soup, but the husband requested a chicken NOODLE soup. I complied with the request, but added orzo.

So last night after I made my weekly Ina Roast Chicken, I threw the whole carcass in a big pot of water to cover. I threw in the onions from the cooked chicken and the old rosemary & lemon from the roasting pan and all the fat and bones. It looked like one of Rachel Ray's hideous "garbage bowls" (she annoys me, sorry).

I simmered this brew for about 2 hours. Then the strong man lifted the heavy pot and strained out all the stuff for me.

I left it on the counter until it cooled, then covered it w/ Saran wrap till morning.
Now I was ready to skim the fat off the top.

I had some leftover chicken from the roasted bird, and plenty of meat that fell off the bones after simmering. I added fresh sliced carrots, celery and orzo pasta to the stock and threw in the chicken at the last minute!

It was delicious! I served it with Italian crostini w/ chopped chicken livers and frizzled onions on top! A little bit of Jewish penicillin and a little bit of clogged arteries (from the liver!).


Maria said…
I love orzo, I bet it was excellent in this soup!
SarahB said…
perfect meal...love the chicken liver crostini on the side!
Patsyk said…
I would love a bowl of this soup for lunch today! Perfect for the rainy day we are having!
My friend actually brought me over a huge thing of chicken soup the other day (from the deli!) because I haven't been feeling well. I don't know if there is any medical science behind it, but I'm definitely feeling better today!
The Food Hunter said…
I love chicken soup and only recently starting making my own. Yours looks delicious.
Hallie Fae said…
Yum, that soup looks really good!
kat said…
There is really nothing like a homemade chicken soup to make you feel better
Pam said…
For not ever making it before, you sure make a tasty looking soup. I love using orzo in my chicken soup.

Your saltimbocca down below looks fabulous too.
Anonymous said…
It looks delicious... there's nothing better than a homemade chicken soup on a cold day. I'm not a big fan of orzo though.. I think it's the texture. weird, I know.. I don't like linguine for the same reason ?? what kind of Italian am I?
Anonymous said…
That looks fabulous, Stacey. Wish I had the ambition to make the homemade stock, though. Can't say I do, so I'll substitute store-bought. But NOT Rachael Ray's branch -- not for nothing, she gets on my nerves, too. Yuck-O.

Your #1 Fan, EllenB
Orzo rocks! What a great soup.

Making your own chicken soup is addicting. My problem is I tend to save up carcasses in the freezer and they can stay there forever before I have a couple of hours free to boil them down. I am wondering how long it will take before I use the frozen turkey carcass.
Bluebird NY said…
This soup looks fantastic - nice & clear! And a perfect way to use that roast chicken carcass and "stuff" that makes me gag. The orzo is a great touch too.
Anonymous said…
I love the orzo addition, I'll have to try that! It looks fabulous as usual!
Anonymous said…
It is chicken soup season! It looks really delicious.
My mom always skimmed the fat off too. It's gross when you see it, but then you know it's so much better for you. :) And I prefer the orzo to the noodles too. Mmmm.... looks so hearty and satisfying.
Wow, I would take the Jewish Penicillin over the real Penicillin anytime!
Peter M said…
I'm convinced that homemade chicken soup cures the common cold...made by mom, with TLC and oh so comforting.

Good show for a 1st timer, Stace!
Whenever I'm sick, I crave this. Especially with the orzo! Your broth looks yummy good!