Holiday Scenes

One Week's Worth of Calories
Chocolate Cherry Trifle

Amazing Christmas Cookies

Romantic Stocking Stuffers

Onion Goggles & an Ove vacuum?

A Wonderful Gift from our Niece & Nephew

A donation to a local food bank

*and another nice note: NJ Bloggers Raised $6000. on 12/15 from their posts for New Jersey Food Banks!


The Food Hunter said…
Wow! that chocolate cherry trifle looks delicious. Maybe we can meet up when you come to Phx.
Anonymous said…
I am so jealous you got Onion goggles...I think I hinted 22 times I wanted them...but nope, I didn't. You lucky girl.
LaDue & Crew said…
Looks amazing- I think I gained weight just looking at all that yumminess! Yeah for the NJ food bloggers! You all rock! I didn't hear of anything like that here in AZ. I hope people keep giving though, because the hungry still are even after the holidays!
Peter M said…
Stace, I'd like a big spoonful of the the chocolate idea.
kat said…
Looks like some good holiday sweets!
Anonymous said…
Must you tempt me with that chocolate cherry trifle??? BTW, my friend Mary has those onion goggles. She loves them!
OoooH, Thats a beautiful looking trifle Stace! The cookies look amazing too. I think I've eaten enough cookies to last me all year.
I need to detox! Love the Ove glove!
Anonymous said…
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Emily said…
Hi just wondering where I could find the recipe for that choc cherry trifle it looks sooo good . Itd be awesome if you could help me out. Thanks ! :)