Detox Week Salad #3: Asparagus & Clementines

I don't think my husband will stay if I make yet another salad for dinner.
So, I made this one for lunch. It was healthy and light. I can feel the pounds melting away.

Clementines are in season now from Spain in those wooden crates. They are cheap, easy to peel and have no seeds! I love having them on hand in to throw in a salad.
Check out what Stephane did with his clementines. He added them to scallops.

Stacey Snacks Asparagus & Clementine Salad:

1 bunch asparagus, blanched 2 minutes and plunged into ice water to cool
2 clementines, peeled and cut into segments
1/4 red onion, sliced into slivers


4 tbsp orange juice (I like with extra pulp) or squeeze some clementines
2 tbsp red wine vinegar
6 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

Cut your cooked asparagus spears into diagonal 2" pieces. Toss with other ingredients and arrange on a platter. This might be nice with some toasted hazelnuts on top, but I didn't have any!


kat said…
What a great easy salad. Having the clemetines back in season makes us so happy. They are a nice bit of sunshine in the cool
This looks great! We love clementines. We go through a few boxes a week. They are like eating candy!
Pam said…
So tasty! I love the colors and flavors in this salad. Clementines are my favorite fruit.
Anonymous said…
Oh yum! All I need is asparagus!
Anonymous said…
Looks fresh and fabulous. I continue to live dangerously by offering up vegetarian meals night after night and await Kurt's meltdown due to meat deprivation!
Karen said…
Looks delicious and so simple! I wish I'd done a detox this week!
Anonymous said…
ooh, i totally forgot it was clementine time! of course, i'm sure i won't use them to make anything as delightfully fresh and healthy as this, i'll probably make nigella's clementine cake again.

but hey, fruit is fruit, right?
Peter M said…
This pairing of asparagus and clementines could make a Somellier's job easier for wine pairings!
Shelley said…
You made it through to Thursday with the salads! Yay! Looks delish! I've taken a different spin on the salad thing...I've been juicing all week. I'm ready to be back to my regular eating and drinking again soon, too!!

My kids love those "Cuties" as they call the Clementines.
This has been favorited! After this Friday's party and Saturday's 3rd Thanksgiving (yes, again), I'm going to need all the detox ideas I can get!!

Bluebird NY said…
Great way to use those clementines!
Anonymous said…
Hey Stacey, You blew my cover! You called me..err.. Stephane on your blog. hehe. Kidding of course! :-)

Love the clementines this time of the year and kudos to you for using them in salads and such. I think i need to go on detox too, i've been eating way too much rich foods lately.

So, did your husband get a big steak for dinner? :-)
I love that dressing you made here. So now that the pounds have melted off, what's on the menu for the weekend? Can't wait to see!
Lori Lynn said…
Stacey - please come back and read my response to your comment on my blog. I am so challenged by inappropriate comments. I really appreciate your input.

P.S. Asparagus salad looks great to me right about now.
Anonymous said…
I make a salad similar to this that uses green beans instead of asparagus. It is so good!
Anonymous said…
I bought a carton of clementines today, i just love them, but I'm sick and I can't taste them boo-hoo!