Detox Week Salad #2: Salade Nicoise

I made it to Salad Week post #2. I will be back to my normal eating and drinking habits by the weekend, don't be scared.

This is my favorite salad for all seasons. Using canned tuna is really the best for this recipe, especially the good stuff from Italy packed in olive oil.

I make a Salade Nicoise so many different ways.

Your basic components that you must have are:

green beans
canned tuna in olive oil
nicoise olives (kalamata are fine)
hard boiled egg
cherry tomatoes

When I am making the salad for company, I add extras, like:

thinly sliced red onion
anchovy slices
roasted red pepper
shredded basil leaves

I make a homemade vinaigrette with:

dijon mustard
chopped garlic
dried thyme
salt & pepper
fresh lemon juice or any vinegar you like
extra virgin olive oil

Boil your potatoes (new or fingerling) until fork tender. Quarter them and throw some of the vinaigrette on top while still warm.
Blanch your green beans about 5 minutes. This is all the cooking that is required (except for your hard boiled eggs, which you can do ahead).

Arrange all ingredients on a platter. You can mix them together or arrange separately.
This makes for a beautiful buffet lunch or a light dinner. It is better the next day when all the ingredients have had time to socialize & mingle with one another!!!!


kat said…
I think this is Matt's favorite salad of all time!
Queen B. said…
holy moly, that looks good ! thanks for inspiring me today !
Anonymous said…
The vinaigrette is so easy to make and adds such a great flavor to the salad. My favorite is when the potatoes are a little warm to soak up all the flavor of the garlic and vinegar.
Queen B. said…
I notice that Stacey Snacks deals with antiques ! Maybe you can help me figure out what to do with my 1930's gorgeous Bernhardt dining set that will not fit in my new 'COZY KITCHEN BY THE SEA' !!
Maria said…
This salad has it all...and then some! Love it!
Joie de vivre said…
This looks like the perfect thing to get me out of my post-Thanksgiving food slump. Oh, perfection in a salad. Ah...
rcoda said…
Try it with fresh seared Ahi instead of the canned stuff. Wow!

Anonymous said…
The anchovies on the eggs look so great!
The Food Hunter said…
that looks delicious. I've got to stop eating leftovers and start detoxing myself
Pam said…
Oh yummy! This salad looks wonderful Stacey.
Alexa said…
Wow, a salad from my childhood! It bursts with the sunshine from the French Riviera. What a beautiful offering, Stacey!
Anonymous said…
If I weren't already your #1 fan, I would be after making this incredible salad for lunch today. (I added anchovies -- LOVE them! Like eating small, salty, tasty eyebrows!) The dressing was sublime. Can't wait to see what you conjure up for tomorrow!!

Wow Stace, That second picture looks so inviting! I feel like I'm in line at a fancy buffet, getting ready to stick some on my plate!
brandin + kari said…
You should make my insalata rustica to detox. It is super light and delicious! I love eating salads;)
Giff said…
bringing me back to lunches on 17th and 7th at Le Singe Vert ... used to love ordering this salad. I love your version especially with the full trim!
Anonymous said…
I love this salad, so beautiful and love the tuna, just beautiful.
Peter M said…
If one's to get stuffed on salad, go have all the food groups in there and seared tuna can kick up this classic too!
Anonymous said…
Julia Child has an old TV show on how to prep this salad. Superb!

Gabi @ Mamaliga
Anonymous said…
Man that looks great and healthy.
Anonymous said…
This gotta be the best salad ever!
And yes, canned Tuna is a must for this. I don't like to see fresh tuna in my Nicoise.
Anonymous said…
man, i give you credit for a week of salads. i love salads and these look kick a$$ (i like your addition of the anchovy!) but, it is SO hard for me to eat salad as a main in cold weather. i need to get over this issue b/c my thighs are growing at the moment.
The Duo Dishes said…
A great salade ni├žoise is a gift to yourself and your guests. Very pretty too!