Detox: A Week of Salads

This would be a good week to talk salad.
Detox is more like it. Too much of a good thing, if you know what I mean.
Time to post and eat a Week of Salads.

Here is salad numero uno.
(Let's see if I can get to salad #3 by Thursday!....good luck!).

I love green beans.
They are so versatile. They are one of the key components in my famous nicoise salad, and I always use them in a stir fry.

Tonight, I wanted something different, so I went to Alice Waters Chez Panisse vegetable book for inspiration.
She has a way of pairing vegetables together like fine wines. This was simple to make and made a lovely presentation.

I reduced the dressing recipe for 4 people & adapted the recipe to what I had on hand in the fridge.

Warm Green Bean Salad w/ Mixed Lettuces (adapted from Alice Waters):

~ 1 cup of mixed spring lettuces
~ 1 cup of arugula
~ handful of kalamata olives, halved
~ handful of toasted walnuts
~ 1 lb. green beans, trimmed and blanched 5 minutes


~ 1/4 cup of olive oil
~ 6 tbsp of balsamic vinegar
~ 2 shallots, minced
~ kosher salt and pepper

Just before serving, add dressing and toss your warm beans with the lettuces, olives and toasted walnuts. Serve immediately.

Salad Day #1 is over and I made it thru without wanting a piece of that apple pecan pie from Thanksgiving. (LIAR).


Patsyk said…
Looks like the perfect plan after a full weekend of heavy eating. I'm feeling the need to detox this week as well.
I am allergic to walnuts so put extra olives in mine - this looks great!
Ditto on the detox! We had two different veggie dishes for dinner last night. Your salad looks great!
kat said…
Such a good idea, I came home from Thanksgiving weekend craving vegetables
Yes, I could use a good detox too. This one looks really good.
Anonymous said…
Looks fresh and delicious. I'm back to eating lots of vegetables this week too!
Maria said…
Salads are good anytime of the year. This one looks superb!
Anonymous said…
I will look forward to your "salad-a-day" . . . please consider creating one with tuna or chicken as an ingredient for those of us who need (like?) the protein!!

Your #1 Fan, EllenB
Nazarina A said…
Those walnuts are beckoning me to indulge! A beautiful picture of a healthy salad!
Peter M said…
Stace, I hear ya...I've eaten too much meet the last few days.

Warm salads of greens like this make leave one with little excuse to eat more greens in the winter.
Alexa said…
I could use a good detox... I always feel this way this time of the year. I have been craving greens instead of desserts-- I think it's a sign. I will be tuning in for some healthy inspiration from your blog all week, Stacey. This green bean salad looks like a great start!
Chef E said…
I was amazed at my hubby's family's lack of greens on the table without me...I have to have salad a few times a week! Yours looks yummy, along with a few canapes...
Shelley said…
Thats a great idea! I have a huge bag of French green beans from Cost-co and it never would have occurred to me to put them in a salad!!!! Alice Waters is a genious....Chez Panisse is probably 20 minutes from where I live and I've never even been there! Love her cookbooks, though.

Keep the salad recipes coming! I love salad!

Ever get those cool onion goggles? :)
Anonymous said…
OMG! I'm so looking forward to reading some new salad ideas!
amycaseycooks said…
I had a big salad last night for dinner. I'll be bookmarking your salad recipes - just what I'm looking for before all the holiday eating begins.