The Cupboard is Bare: Shrimp Scampi

What do you make for dinner after a week of holiday EATING and DRINKING?

I have nothing in the house, except for a bag of frozen shrimp. My cupboards are bare! How about a scampi?
Ok, only if my neighbor can lend me some garlic! Can you believe I have no garlic in the house? That's a first!

You don't really need a recipe for Shrimp Scampi. It is basically butter, oil, lots of garlic and shrimp. How hard can that be?

It is totally satisfying. Fresh chopped parsley makes it even better.

I personally don't like my scampi sauce swimming with butter, so I use only half a stick.

You can make this in a casserole dish and top with buttered breadcrumbs and put under the broiler for a few minutes, or serve it on top of linguine.

Stacey Snacks Shrimp Scampi over Linguine: serves 4

~ 1 lb. linguine
~ 1 bag of large frozen shrimp w/ tails, defrosted and butterflied (defrost in the sink under running cold water)
~ 5 cloves garlic, sliced
~ half a stick of butter
~ 1/4 cup of good olive oil
~ handful of fresh chopped parsley
~ juice of 2 fresh lemons
~ 1 lemon for slicing to throw in as a garnish (optional)
~ dash of hot pepper flakes

Cook your linguine as per directions, about 7 minutes in salted water.
While your pasta is cooking, make your scampi.

In a large heavy skillet, heat olive oil w/ butter and cook garlic until fragrant, about 3 minutes, watch so the garlic does not burn.
Now throw in your shrimp and toss until pink, about 5 minutes.
Squeeze your lemon juice, pepper flakes, and chopped parsley and turn off heat.

When pasta is done, drain and toss in the skillet w/ the shrimp and sauce.
Toss in thinly sliced lemons for garnish. So simple!
Serve immediately!
Eat immediately!


OMG - that scampi looks delish!

kat said…
That's a pretty darn fancy cupboard is bare dish!
now you're talkin'... but of course I have to be different and ask if mine can please swim in butter...
The Food Hunter said…
It looks really good...I hate being allergic to shrimp.
Bob said…
That looks wicked good. :)
Anonymous said…
That sound delicious right now...for breakfast I would love it...just love it.
Linda said…
I was thinking of making the same thing tonight because of the same reason - cupboards bare, but frozen shrimp in the freezer. My husband likes pasta and shrimp with a tomato base, but your version looks great also. So light and colorful. However, I went to the store and bought some chicken breasts instead, so will concoct something with that for dinner tonight and save the shrimp for another night. And yes, Stacey, you can be an honorary member of "Le Matte del lunedi."
This is the kind of thing I make when I want a steak. I eat my steak and I can make this for my husband without having to put much thought or effort into it. A splash of white wine is nice for flavor, but that's one thing I don't have when the cupboards are bare.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the shrimp defrosting tip, I know it sounds silly but I never actually thought of it. You eat so much garlic you could be European, Stacey. Good, good.
Melissa said…
Oh yeah. This is my favorite "refrigerator and pantry are empty" meal even if it isn't the holidays. So easy but so tasty and doesn't require a recipe.

Everything non-beef, non-turkey continues to sound awesome to me right now hehe.
Maria said…
That is one fancy dish for a bare kitchen! LOVE IT! Happy New Year!
I love every morsel of this! and you even "lightened" it up with the butter. Your photo is very scrumptious looking Stace, makes me want to twirl my fork right in there! Looking sooo forward to Stacey Snacks in 2009, and all the great posts you'll be doing ( you are a posting machine!)Wishing you a very very happy, and healthy New Year my friend.
xoxo, Marie
Anonymous said…
I have to confess that I'm more a fan of shrimp fra diavolo but your dish looks very appealing and I look forward to trying it.

Your #1 Fan, Ellen B
Patsyk said…
I love your idea to put breadcrumbs over the shrimp and broil it... the crunch sounds like a wonderful addition.
Great scampi! I could eat this twice a week.
Giff said…
that looks really good stacey, although for some reason I never seem to eat shrimp in the winter. The bigger question is where is your steamed broccoli?
Peter M said…
This looks like Friday Scampi. No -'s Saturday's Scampi! lol

Seafood w/ pasta and lemon juice is fresh, light and satisfying.
StaceyEsq said…
Hi Stacey! I made this for my husband on New Year's Eve and it was marvelous! Very light with wonderful flavor. I will definitely make it again and again, just like your turkey breast, which has become a family favorite! Happy New Year!