Cheese Please

I LOVE cheese.

When we are in France, I eat some kind of strange delicious mystery cheese everyday, which names always escape me.
For me, the smellier the better. It is so much fun to walk into a fromagerie and choose a beautiful little special package and eat with a fresh baked baguette. What could be better? (Some wine to go with it).

For Thanksgiving I bought some wonderful cheeses and Lucques olives to put out as a first course, thinking the sophisticated guests (NOT) would enjoy them.

Next time, a wedge of Swiss, Cheddar and maybe some of that spreadable stuff in the container will do. These beauties were lost on this crowd (sorry family, I still love you anyway, despite you being cheese challenged).

I am not a connoisseur but know what I like. I buy cheeses from the cheese man in town. He guides me and lets me taste some of the more special obscure ones. It also doesn't hurt to have a neighbor who is French, she always lets me try some nice varieties.

Here is what I usually include on my cheese plate (wine not included in this post):

~ I always go with an aged Gouda my husband's favorite, it's hard and nutty and everyone seems to love it.

~ I personally love a Comte, which is the king of French Gruyeres. It is SO good.

~ Then I choose an aged Spanish Manchego, always a crowd pleaser, very mild and nice served with some fig jam.

~ And for my 4th cheese I buy a Gorgonzola or Roquefort, something nice and stinky. I love this with a drizzle of honey.

Cheese is very pricey and if you buy it at Whole Foods or a cheese shop, be prepared to open your wallet.

Today, I had the pleasure of going to a FANTASTIC wholesale market called Maywood Market in NJ and found the most beautiful French cheeses for 1/4 of what you usually would pay. I was so excited, that I overbought. They also sold Brooklyn Brick Oven baked breads that were scary good.

My niece and I sat around and sampled cheeses and bread and needed a nap by the time lunch was over (she took the photo at the market).

Here was my lunch for today. (I have plenty leftover for the weekend, don't worry).

That brie was amazing with a tomato and herb layer on top. The Gres de Vosges from the Alsace region of France was a bit smelly for me, but packaged so beautifully, decorated with a fern leaf on top, I could not resist (and I swear it only cost $1.99 !!!!!).
The other cheese is a Tomme de Savoie, a cow's milk cheese from the French Alps.

One can live on cheese, bread and wine alone, I know I could.


Oh, that brie looks out of this world! What a lunch, what a place!
what a find! Is it close to your home? 1.99??? You got to be kidding me!
Liar....that cheese is way to good!
I see what you are doing here....crafty and daft....
Stacey Snacks said…
I swear to everyone!
That cheese was 1.99 US dollars!
Would I lie to you?
My current favorite cheese is Dubliner from Ireland. It is the most delicious cheddar in the world! I too could live on bread and optional. ♥Rosemary
kat said…
We love a good cheese plate. The first night in our new house that's what we had for dinner. I really miss Cowgirl Creamery cheeses, we can get them here in MN but they are so much more expensive than in CA.
Peter M said…
Stacey, just passing thorugh...linking you to my next NYC installment.

Cheese, I do love thee...the stinkier the better!
Jill said…
Thanks for dropping by my blog...stellasroar. We have a lot in common. It's also just me and my husband and I always cook too much. Our neighbors came over last Thursday night for the giant cauldron of chili I had made. Love you blog too. How could I not??! I adore cheese...
Patsyk said…
I see a field trip in my future! I know my MIL would go there in a heartbeat!

Next time you set up one of your special cheese platters, invite me over - I'm all over that! ;)
K said…
oh man i wish i had some more of that cheese right this very minute!
The Panic Room said…
I did the same thing on Thanksgiving and Cole and I ended up being the only ones who ate it... I made myself sick. I could barely eat dinner.

This was my favorite post so far. I am weak at the knees around the Whole foods Cheese Shop.

I am so glad my wife loves it as much as I do.

I have never wanted to live in NJ before I started reading this blog.
Giff said…
Nice find! hmmm ideal cheese plate... definitely with you on manchego, I love st. andre, i'd probably add a goat cheese or an interesting sheep's milk cheese, and maybe an aged asiago?

You know this better than I, but there's nothing like Paris for discovering great cheese you've never had before. One of my favorite things about my visits there, and it helps that the bread is always impeccably good.
Sweet Cheeks said…
You are a women after my own heart. Give me some cheese, and some red wine and that is allI need
Jeni said…
I can't wait until I can have unpasteurized cheese again!!!! I LOVE CHEESE TOO!!!
Anonymous said…
I want that cheese shop in my neighborhood! I don't think there's a cheese that I don't like.
Maris said…
I love cheese...I must check out this shop!
The Food Hunter said…
I love cheese too. All kinds. I really enjoying try new ones. I only wish I had a cheese shop in my area.