Canapes: Smoked Salmon & Caviar on White Bean Spread

One of the many appetizers hors d'oevres I made for Thanksgiving.

I found this last year on passionatecook's blog, and have been saving it ever since! I dug it up and decided to give it a try! I changed a few things around, and the results were excellent.
It was easy, pretty and so delicious.

Instead of the usual cream cheese spread underneath the smoked salmon, I made a healthy white bean spread that was low fat and complimented the smoked fish.

First you have to start with a good loaf of bakery bread. Not the packaged supermarket stuff.
I bought a loaf of whole wheat at Blue Ribbon Bakery Market in NYC. Thick crusts and dense bread. I used a biscuit cutter to cut out rounds to hold the canapes.
What did I do with the crust and funny shaped bread slices that were left over?
You will see. Scroll down after the recipe and see our breakfasts for the next few days!

Smoked Salmon Canapes on White Bean Spread:

~ 1 can of white cannelini beans, drained and rinsed
~ tbsp of chopped capers
~ tbsp of chopped dill
~ tbsp of chopped chives
~ 2 tbsp of lemon juice
~ salt & pepper

Puree or mash the beans then add the rest of the ingredients. This is your bean spread. You can make this 3 days in advance and refrigerate.

Take your bread rounds and spread some white bean spread on top of each piece.
Now drape a piece of smoked salmon on top. Top with a tiny bit of caviar and garnish with a dill sprig.

OK, no, I did not buy Osetra or Beluga caviar for a zillion dollars. I bought cheap paddle fish or lump fish roe for under $10. in the supermarket.

These looked like a million bucks.

Check out what I did with the leftover bread.

It was too good to throw away, and too much crust to make croutons, and I have enough breadcrumbs in the freezer, so I made bullseye eggs.

*(Those little cut up pieces of ham are the famous Trenton, NJ Taylor Ham pork roll slices. Only available in NY, NJ and PA. It is a regional thing that people go crazy for).
My husband orders a TEC sandwich when at the shore. Taylor ham Egg & Cheese.
I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot poll!


kat said…
What a beautiful appetizer & great use of the leftovers, I expected a bread pudding
Peter M said…
Stacey, you have a good eye for food...make me wanna visit Joisey and join the parade of folks stopping by your kitchen (but I won't drink all your booze).
delicious appetizer but even more innovative was the use of the 'scraps' I thought it was going to be bread pudding or stuffing but toad in the hole - I make mine with truffle oil and guyere cheese - you would love them!
Patsyk said…
Your appetizer looks so nice! My boys would be so excited to see those bulls-eye eggs though... my husband usually only puts one whole in the bread when he makes them. I like yours better!
Nina Timm said…
These bites are quite a mouthful! Delish!!!! We use to make these egg-in-the-hole breads when I was still a kid....many moons ago!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Absolutely beautiful! So perfect for the upcoming holidays! Thank you!
Karen said…
I was expecting some involved recipe for the white bean spread, but this is so easy! I like the idea of using it instead of cream cheese, too (not that the cream cheese wouldn't be good!) These look so fancy for not a whole lot of work. We call these eggs "Sunny Eggs" :)
I confess to a certain fondness for taylor ham/pork roll.

At least it's not Spam.

It's funny how everyone has a name for those egg in bread combos. My mother called them one-eyed egg sandwiches.
Your app's look so elegant Stacey! It looks like something Ina would serve in the Hamptons! Love your eggs too! I once did a post on "Moonstruck eggs" this reminds me of them.
Maria said…
I love the white beans with this one! A great looking appetizer!
Pam said…
Great looking appetizers. I love what you did with the extra bread - so clever!
The Food Hunter said…
This appetizer looks great. Love how you used the leftovers.
Anonymous said…
I thought the name for eggs fried in bread was a "Bubbala!" I guess yours would be called a "Double Bubbala!" Sounds like a type of brassiere!

Your #1 Fan, EllenB
Heather said…
yum! the white bean spread sounds amazing. and i love toads in a hole. reminds me of my grandma! such a good breakfast :)
I love how you made the bean spread. My husband loves Taylor pork roll too.I stay away from that and scrapple.
Catherine said…
This looks delicious. Thanks for the ideas and easy to follow pics! I love Stacey Snacks.
Robin said…
The Canapes look delicious! I love all the flavor combinations there. I think the use of the leftover bread was brilliant!
Anonymous said…
I love making canapes but hate wasting the bread. Most of the time I turn it into croutons. I love your idea of using it with breakfast.
rcoda said…
Tell your husband, I'm with him! TEC rocks! I used to work in a deli and I had one of those babies every morning... it's amazing I'm still slim and healthy:^)

I was able to buy the LAST roll of Taylor's Ham in Scottsdale for my Thanksgiving stuffing... TH, Sausage, Ground Sirloin, apples, bread, eggs, onions... I'll have my last portion tonight!

Oh, the Smoked Salmon and Caviar rocks,too!

Hhhmmmm... TEC with Smoked Salmon and Caviar??? I guess I'll just have to try it now!


cuz Rich
Nic said…
This is one that I'm going to be saving, a great combination that works.
Anonymous said…
Just so you know - this website is using your pics of smoked salmon appetizer as passing it off as her own. Would hate for your work to be taken credit for elsewhere.