Thanksgiving Menu & Some Leaves

I have had a few emails asking me what I'm serving for Thanksgiving dinner?

Here is a sneak peak into my turkey day holiday menu, and some nice photos I took of leaves on my lawn this rainy weekend and some cool pumpkins!.

I like tradition and basically serve the same menu every year.
It's not because I am boring, because I am NOT.
It's just why mess with a good thing?

Everyone loves my stuffing, my dad loves the sweet potato dish that I make and my turkey breasts are a home run.
So, I am keeping it plain and simple this year, No marshmallows on yams.
Maybe I will mix it up a bit and change the hors d'oevres! oooooh, so daring!

Thanksgiving Menu for 8

~ Herb Roast Turkey Breast (click on link to recipe) w/ Onion Gravy

~ Tom Colicchio's Caramelized Onion Stuffing (w/ raisins and breakfast good!)

~ Sweet Potato Gratin w/ Orange and Honey

~ Roasted Autumn Vegetables (brussel sprouts, carrots, cauliflower & potatoes)

~ Spanakopita (Greek spinach pie)

~ Cranberry Orange Relish

~ Some sort of Apple Cake

~ Chocolate Pecan Pie

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.
I love the season and the foods that go with it.
It is a time to give thanks for all the good things in our lives: family, friends, health, love and FOOD!


kat said…
What a lovely menu! We're kind of sad that we aren't cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year (Matt's mom is) but I think we'll do one for ourselves sometime later in the year
Anonymous said…
I might just change my stuffing plans and make that one. I love the idea of golden raisins in there....thank you for this!
The stuffing looks so good. Actually everything does! I am not into marshmallows on my sweet potatoes either. I like them baked or roasted where you can tell they are not a dessert.
K said…
yum! i love sweet potatoes. now i'm craving them. i love thanksgiving too - and the whole nov - jan holiday season! can't believe its here already - hooray hooray!
Anonymous said…
I can highly recommend your sweet potato dish... It is ONLY sensational.

From one who has been lucky enough to enjoy a Thanksgiving with 'the blogger'.

Giff said…
raisins in stuffing! (shudders)

I'd love to see your recipe for the spinach pie. This sounds like a grand old feast.

I change up my sides but I never change the core turkey and stuffing recipe. The one year I did, I definitely regretted it. Time enough for experimentation elsewhere!
Unknown said…
I love the way you do your turkey breast, Stace. I'm probably going to make a breast and a whole turkey, I have to fight them all, to change things up! Love your stuffing too with the raisens, I might sneak some in!
Pam said…
Can I just come to your house for Thanksgiving? Your meal sounds amazing.

I just checked out a Tom Colicchio cookbook from the library and I love it.

I've tagged you for a meme.
Johanna B said…
Thanks for the photos. I love pumpkin season. I put bunches of them on my porch this year and I enjoy the way they look. I also like to eat them - all that vitamin A.
Patsyk said…
I just picked up a turkey breast this weekend... was trying to decide if I should roast it (your recipe sounds wonderful) or butterfly it and stuff it... may try yours first since it looks truly delicious!
I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the second time, so I'm still tweaking my menu a bit trying to see what everyone likes and what I'm left with for leftovers.

Your menu sounds great and it's great that you know what works for you.
Anonymous said…
PLEASE post your sweet potato gratin recipe . . . I'd love to try it at my Thanksgiving table this year!!
Anonymous said…
That menu sounds mouthwatering, the idea of combining sweet potatoes with oranges is delicious -- a great combo!
Alexa said…
Lovely menu Stacey-- I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!