Thanksgiving 101: Apple Pecan Tart

For my Thanksgiving dinner, I always make one cake, and one pie. I try to freeze them a week ahead so I can concentrate on all the savory sides and the turkey.

This year I am changing it up a bit.
Instead of the usual chocolate pecan pie, which is like candy, I am making an apple pecan tart from the NY Times last weekend. They offered suggestions for recipes to freeze ahead for turkey day.

Ok, I haven't actually had a taste of this tart yet, but it looks pretty damn good.
I took a photo and am wrapping it tightly in plastic wrap and then in foil.
You are supposed to thaw it the fridge and reheat it in the oven before serving.

I made Debra from Smitten Kitchen and Dorie's "unshrinkable" crust pie shell. It wasn't such a pleasure to work with, as Debra professed, but it did not shrink in the par-baking process, and I didn't need pie weights (in my case, ROCKS from my garden!), so that in itself was a pleasure.

*PS: I took a picture for my secret admirer (who sent me the apple corer, NO I DO NOT NEED PIE WEIGHTS, THANK YOU!), so she can see that I used the corer for the apples! Thank you very much!

Click on this link for the NY Times recipe if you like how this looks, and I will tell you on Friday how it tastes!


Lael Meidal said…
Can't wait to hear how it tastes! This looks delicious. I like the idea of pecan pie, but always want something more, but not necessarily sweet. Sure, apples are sweet, but their fresh tasting too, so I picture them being a very happy addition.
SarahB said…
This looks so good. What kind of apples did you use? I am very curious to hear about it next Friday!
Joanna said…
that tart looks amazing!!! i've never heard of somebody make thanksgiving desserts so much in advance. it's a good idea so you aren't stressed the day before. that's probably what will happen to me. eeeeekkk!
It does look beautiful! I prefer apple pie over pecan pie. Now how can I get a secret admirer to send me an apple corer like that?
kat said…
I love the idea of doing apples & pecans together in a pie. I kind of wish I was doing the cooking this year
Alexa said…
Oh, wow that looks like an awesome pie! I am not big on the pecan pies usually they are too sweet for me but this is a great compromise. I might have to try to make that one with a GF crust. I love the fact that you can freeze it... perfect!
Anonymous said…
It looks sensational, combining the apples and pecans is very clever.

Truely awesome Stacey. What a perfect ending to your delicious turkey day meal! I would be all over this!!
Anonymous said…
Unshrinkable pie crust, that just sounds divine! Sorry it was a pain but I'd like to try it.
Peter M said…
Pecans make sweet and savory dishes "da best".

I'm now realizing NY Times is a great resource for dishes.
Anonymous said…
no rocks???????
i'll grab the box before the postman takes it.
Anonymous said…
no rocks???????
i'll grab the box before the postman takes it.
brandin + kari said…
I am making something similar to this out of the most recent bon appetit. It is a caramelized apple and pecan pie. I took your advice and before baking, I decided to freeze the pie. I will put it in the fridge the night before to defrost, and leave it out at room temperature before baking. What a great idea! Thanks so much:)
Pam said…
Oh Stacey - this looks like heaven. Excellent recipe.