Stuffed Chicken w/ Potatoes & Olives

I have a strange confession to make.
I love to clean chickens.
For some weird reason I enjoy trimming the fat, cleaning out the insides and cutting up a raw chicken. Most people find this task disgusting, but I have always enjoyed that chore. I love taking a whole chicken and cutting the bird into parts. I love taking out the innards and all.
What the hell is wrong with me?
Many things, but that is another post.

Last night, I made a whole roast chicken stuffed with potatoes & olives.
This was the first meal that I ever cooked for my husband, then boyfriend, 20 plus years ago. It is from my first little paperback cookbook THE FRUGAL GOURMET.
Remember him? He was arrested for something.

Here is the recipe as I remember it:

Potato stuffing consists of:

~ 4 medium red potatoes (I used little fingerlings and baby reds from the farmers market), COOKED and DICED. (cook your potatoes about 20 min. in boiling water, then cube into small pieces)
~ 8 Manzanilla green olives, chopped
~ handful of capers
~ 2 cloves of minced garlic
~ 1 tbsp of fresh chopped rosemary
~ 1 tbsp of fresh parsley
~ about 4 tbsp of olive oil
~ kosher salt & pepper

Mix all ingredients in a bowl with your cooked potatoes. Stuff your chicken loosely with this mixture. Pour a little olive oil and salt & pepper on the bird. Roast at 400 for about an hour or more for a 3-4 lb. chicken (depends on your oven).

Place the leftover potato mixture around your bird in your roasting pan, these get nice and crispy.

The chicken is nice and moist and the skin is so yummy.


Anonymous said…
This looks yummy.
Anonymous said…
Oh that skin looks so good! My husband is a dear and saves his skin for me :) I know what you mean about cutting a chicken down to it's parts. Satisfying.
SarahB said…
That looks delicious! Great pics! Al is the same as you, it's his dream to be a butcher!
Pam said…
I love roasting chickens. The skin on your bird turned out perfect! Your stuffing looks and sounds amazing too.
kat said…
Potato stuffing WITH green olives...oh I'm sold.
btw Matt loves dealing with a chicken too, I think he feels very manly cutting through bones & such
Maria said…
Now that is a meal! I love the potato stuffing with olives. Genius!
Patsyk said…
What a wonderful roasted chicken!

Wish I could enjoy cutting up a chicken like you do... My husband usually ends up coming in and doing it for me - my knife skills stink, and he's afraid that we'll be in for a trip to the ER if I attempt it!
Hey, Stacey, any time you get an itch to clean a kitchen, give me a call. I'll save mine for ya too. :)
So long as you make this dish when you're done though.
Giff said…
Was waiting for this recipe to go up. This is a good one. Lisl is on a roast chicken kick as well, about which I have no complaints!
The Food Hunter said…
This looks good. I'm much better with precut/precleaned chicken though.
The next time you head to Phoenix let me know.
Peter M said…
I have a feeling your butchering skills are heightened after an episode of Dexter! lol

You know those potatoes are sucking up chicken juices, nice.
This looks amazing! I love the olive and potato combination. Come on over and clean some chickens for me:)
Ruth said…
This looks delicious your chicken looks so moist!
Robin said…
Ah yes the Frugal Dude- he was very naughty. But this chicken is not, very nice. I don't mind cleaning chickens either, I guess it is the Biology teacher in me that is used to cutting things up!
I want to get my fork right into that pile of potatoes and olives! OOOH, does that look good! Yes, the Frugal Gourmet turned out to be a real Sicko!!!
Anonymous said…
That looks so tasty, it reminds me of a stuffing, but much more hearty!
Michele said…
I wish this was my dinner tonight! OH and I'm one of those people who hate cleaning chickens. You should be a surgeon!!! lol
Camilla said…
Made this tonight--it was out of this world. Thanks for the wonderful recipe! Your blog is great :) (I've been lurking for some time, finally posted :))
This looks great. Found this recipe on another blog - The Constables Larder.
So... you love to clean chicken???? Love? Not like? Well, a nice roasted chicken is worth the trouble :)
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
have been making this since i was 8 or nine....both my dad and my grandma would make it as well, with slight variation (grandma added onion and butter and got a moister richer stuffing but dad had the crispiy skin down and sometimes used anchovy, garlic, almond stuffed olives for a little pleasant surprise!).

want to know if you have ever experienced adding a little onion to the stuffing and would it be better to dice a little, or maybe just add a couple of quarter slices in the back and front of the cavity to hold the stuffing in and sweat out some flavor?????

red, white or yellow?
Unknown said…
I have been looking for this recipe for quite a while now. I used to watch the Frugal Gourmet on PBS, a sick twist who could cook. Thank you for posting.