Leftovers from Turkey Day : Pot Pie!!!

I always give away leftovers. In fact, I run out of containers by the end of the night. A good hostess gift for me is always bring your OWN containers when you come for dinner. Makes it easier.

This Thanksgiving I was stingy with the doggy bags because I've had pot pie on the brain since the weather has turned cool.

I have never been a fan of those gross frozen chicken pot pies that have very little meat and a glue like consistency. I don't think I have ever really had GOOD homemade pot pie.

I have seen a lot of good looking ones on blogs lately, with short pastry crust, puff pastry, bottom, top, both, lattice or none.
I decided to do my own thing and it came out so great, I hope I can recreate it!

Every ingredient was leftover from Thanksgiving dinner, except some frozen peas and an onion. You can basically throw in any combination you like.

Here is how I made it. The next time, I think I will do individual little pot pies.

I had about 2 cups of white meat turkey leftover, so I diced it up.

I sauteed one chopped onion in 3 tbsp butter on medium heat in a large skillet.
To the onion and butter mixture I added all of my leftover Thanksgiving roasted vegetables. This consisted of carrots, Brussels sprouts and 3 kinds of potatoes (purple, Yukon gold and red potatoes).
I threw in about 1/2 cup of frozen peas.

Next, I threw in the cut up turkey and 1 cup of the leftover gravy that I had.
To the gravy, I added about 1/3 cup of half & half and 2 tbsp of flour to thicken.
A little salt & pepper and simmered until the sauce was nice and thick, about 5 minutes or so.

Now, I decided on no bottom crust, don't need the extra calories, believe me.
I poured the turkey vegetable cream mixture into a buttered ceramic pie dish.
I rolled out one sheet of puff pastry and laid it over the pie pan.
Pricked it with a fork and brushed with one beaten egg (egg wash).
Baked at 375 for 30 minutes till the puff pastry was nice and puffy.

Come on over for leftovers, there are plenty!


I love pot pie. I made soup with all of my leftovers. ♥Rosemary
Anonymous said…
Homemade pot pie is up there on the goodness scale with chicken and dumplings! Last night I made a simple roasted veg soup with all my leftover roasted veggies. It was so good.
Michele said…
I always felt the same way about pot pie. My mom never made them but bought the Marie Callanders brand. I never liked them but love the idea of meat and veggies in a creamy sauce with buttery pastry on top! Now, I wish I had some leftovers so I can make this!!! Looks incredible!
Anonymous said…
Oh goodness with that flaky crust I can't resist...and I have so much turkey to use....thank you, thanky you.
maybelle's mom said…
oh, looks so delicious.
kat said…
That is one good looking pot pie! I've got lots of veggies on hand & some crust in the freezer so I'm thinking you inspired me to make pot pie tomorrow.
SarahB said…
sta, that looks so freaking good! Love the use of all the leftovers!
Giff said…
I love pot pie, and this one looks great. I like the shortcut of not making a formal roux too.
This is comfort food to the 10th degree! Good use of your leftovers.
I made some creamy turkey and rice soup tonight. I'm "turkeyed out"!!
Bluebird NY said…
This looks so good! Perfect for a chilly night...
Patsyk said…
I can imagine that pot pie must be the perfect comfort food today! I'll be right over for a piece! :)
Anonymous said…
GREAT site! Thank you for visiting mine. Your pie looks terrific too!
Peter M said…
Pot pies are one of my favourite uses for leftover turkey.

One can go with home pie crust or store bought...either way is coolio by me!

PS. What did ya have at Kefi this time?
Colleen said…
This looks AMAZING! I wish I had some turkey leftover from my aunt's house so I could make this!
Anonymous said…
I'll have a piece right now, please! Last year, I made a Bobby Flay pot pie that has chopped sage in the crust and white wine in the thickened sauce. Great winter food!
Shelley said…
No! I hadn't seen this one! Wow....great minds think alike, huh? LOL I don't have enough turkey leftover, but I really should do a turkey pot pie next time...and I'll try the puff pastry. Did I tell you that I made your onion tart a while back and I used puff pastry? Bad idea! It was my first time using the stuff and apparently, I suck at it! LOL I'm looking forward to trying it again...with pie crust!

I'm going to be making your turkey breast recipe for Thanksgiving!!! I haven't stopped thinking about that since you first posted it! Your blog is wonderful! You motivated me to post some of my favorite salad recipes today.

I love that you call me "Shell"! :) Thats what my close friends and family call me!
RecipeGirl said…
This looks amazing. I love a good comfort food. I'm sure you'd never guess that I'm watching my weight with all of those cookie recipes I've been posting, but really I am! Just give them away!

I'm bookmarking this one for future turkey leftovers and a good rainy day!