Election Night Party

Here is the sample ballot for our 2008 Election Party:

Do you Prefer:

~Red Wine
~White Wine

Do you Prefer:

~Milk Chocolate
~Dark Chocolate

Do you Prefer:

~Chunky or

My answers were: red wine, dark chocolate, and creamy (peanut butter).

We had a nice election night party last night with friends. We had some good discussions on the economy, education, and social issues. It was nice to have a crowd that didn't shout or get angry if you didn't agree with their views. The invitees all respected one another's choices in political parties and candidates, though they differed somewhat.

My own house is a 2 party house, but we all come together when it is about food.

I did "heavy hors d'oevres". What the hell does that mean?
That means too much vodka and too much wine will be consumed along with too much food, as usual.

Here are some pics of the food..........recipes will come tomorrow.


Can't wait to see the recipes. I love heavy hors d'oevres parties.
Anonymous said…
What was in the crock with the endive? It looks really good. Also, I see mini pickles. My favorite.
Are those mini quiche with the brocoli? And whats hiding in your cute little mini Staub? I'm a white, dark, and chunky kind of girl, so what does it mean???? Actually, I do like a good Pinot Nior too!;)
Robin said…
Um- that is totally not fair to show delicious food without a recipe. They all look so good I will be back for sure!
Anonymous said…
that is such a good idea to have an election party.... and one where people didn't fight! that's very rare in my family and we all support the same party!
SarahB said…
A Chianti Classico...nice choice! I'm sure it had the rooster, no?
Maria said…
What a fun way to watch the election! your food looks great!! We went to a party and it was a fun night!!
Patsyk said…
What a great idea! I love get togethers that are all about the appys!
Deborah Smith said…
Yum and Yum. The weekend is coming, pony up those recipes, girlfriend, I've got a party to go to.
Veronica said…
I'm red wine, milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter. I'm very intrigued by the dip with the endive-that looks good-I love endive.
Lori Lynn said…
Sounds like everyone is a winner in your house Stacey.
Shelley said…
White, dark, creamy. :)

That spread you put on looks sooooo delicious! I love using endive with appetizers. I usually serve it with a scoop of tuna or chicken, but that baked artichoke dip looks scrumptious! and I'm going to be trying your curried chicken salad very soon! Thanks for the recipe!