A Black Friday Thanksgiving

I had a little problem on Thanksgiving.
I woke up Thursday morning with the mother of all MIGRAINE HEADACHES.

These f....ng things are debilitating as anyone who is plagued with them knows.
I have the pleasure of vomiting, pain behind my eyes that only a baseball bat to the skull would soothe, and light sensitivity.
That being the case on Thurs (and not being able to even LOOK at the food, let alone smell it), my husband made the executive decision at noon to cancel the event.

My family was very understanding and all were able to make it on Friday, the day after and forgo waiting in lines at the mall at 4 a.m. for their Black Friday bargains!

Here are some photos from our Thanksgiving feast and a great canape recipe to follow.

Smoked Salmon Appetizer (recipe to follow)

Tom Colicchio's Onion Stuffing

Second Helpings

My Herb Roasted Turkey Breasts

Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie)

Roasted Potatoes Carrots & Brussel Sprouts

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Apple Pecan Tart (DIVINE!)


Glad you're feeling better. Everything looks so beautiful and I would much rather be having a nice dinner today than shopping with the crowds.
test it comm said…
What an amazing meal! Happy Thanksgiving!
Everything looks beautiful Stacey!
How did you make that gorgeous spanakopita? So glad your feeling better.
Giff said…
Glad you were feeling better and could put on this feast. Looks pretty amazing!
Peter M said…
Darlin', you get props from me...I would have bailed...Blah!

The Spanakopita...with puff pastry? Looks good...I like muchly and it looks like the real deal!
Anonymous said…
OMG you poor thing, isn't how funny how the best laid plans are easily trumped by a health issue. I'm glad it all came together! It is an absolutely beautiful feast!
Gorgeous recipes.

And I weep with envy at your table setting!

Hope you're feeling better. That has to be the ultimate letdown of not feeling well on Thanksgiving when you're the cook. It's bad enough when you're just a guest.
kat said…
I'm glad your headache went away so you could celebrate on Friday. My mom used to get those & there was nothing to do but go to a dark quiet room & lie down
Anonymous said…
So sorry to hear, Stacey. Glad you're feeling better and that you managed to salvage the holiday on Friday. Your family sounds very kind and understanding. Mine would have staged a coup.

I didn't get a chance to make your sweet potatoes au gratin this year because my fridge/freezers (both in the kitchen and in the garage) went on the fritz at the SAME TIME. What is the likelihood of that, I ask you?! Thank goodness for my neighbor, who made space available for some of my food (the rest unfortunately got ruined/trashed). Going out now to get her a nice bottle of wine for saving the day. (And, sad to say, I wound up overcooking the freaking turkey on this minimal Thanksgiving -- I should have just stuck with your wonderful turkey breast reciipe, which has never failed me upon encore presentations demanded by my family!!!)

Feel good!!

Your #1 Fan (EllenB)
giz said…
You entirely have my sympathies with the whole migraine issue. I can clearly remember lieing on the couch with a bucket and two kids jumping on my head and me wishing someone would just shoot me. Funny how another day just makes a whole world of difference and just look at the feast you put together.
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry to hear about your migraine. Those things can be a killer. Your spanakopita looks wonderful with the diamond pattern.
Anonymous said…
poor girl! it's great that you could reschedule for the next day... that spread looks kick a$$! i'd prob. fill up on those tasty salmon apps.

i'm sad we couldn't join all of you in NYC last week! it sounded like fun :( we left for england that day. but, seriously, when the holidays calm down and we're in the boring winter, let's plan drinks/dinner!
Oh you poor thing! I also suffer but I end up with several over periods of days. Very ugly!

Your dinner looks wonderful. I have no idea how you pulled that off being sick!
Patsyk said…
I'm so sorry you got hit so hard with a headache on Thursday! At least you were able to have Thanksgiving with everyone a day later. The food looks like it was incredible!
Michele said…
I also suffer from migraines and people who are fortunate enough not to have no clue what we go through. I'm glad your family is understanding and you were able to enjoy your Thanksgiving a day late! Your food looks delicious!!!
Lori Lynn said…
Sorry to hear about your migraine.
Love your table setting and the menu looks divine!
krysta said…
do you have a recipe for that apple pecan tart? because i must have that NOW!
Anonymous said…
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