The Best Hot Artichoke Dip

Lisa from lisaiscooking gave me a good idea in my comment section. To use my new mini Staub coquette pots for hot baked dips! Great idea! (Culinary Cory suggested mini mac & cheese.....that's next).

I have never been a hot dip fan, but figured I would experiment with that gross sounding artichoke dip that always has too much mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese in it.
I thought instead of using spinach, why not use arugula (since I always have so much of it on hand). Why not saute an onion and add some panko breadcrumbs as a topping?

I experimented on my friends for our election night party and it was a big hit!

Recipe for Baked Artichoke Dip:

~ 1 can of artichoke hearts, drained and chopped
~ half a yellow onion, chopped
~ 2 shakes of Worcestershire sauce
~ 2 shakes of Tabasco sauce
~ 2 tsp Dijon mustard
~ 3 tbsp of Hellman's mayonnaise
~ 1/2 cup of grated Parmesan cheese
~ 10 oz. of frozen chopped spinach, drained (I used fresh spinach)
~ salt and pepper
~ panko breadcrumbs for topping

Saute your chopped onion in some olive oil and add your spinach or arugula to the pan until wilted.
Mix with the artichoke hearts, Worcestershire, mayo, mustard, Parmesan cheese, and Tabasco. Add salt and pepper to this mixture.
Pour into buttered casserole dish.
Saute your panko breadcrumbs in some butter in the same skillet that your onions were cooked in, about 2 minutes, until the crumbs are toasted.
Add the breadcrumbs to the top of the artichoke mixture in the casserole dish.
Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.

Serve with endive spears. I had it the next day, cold, on crackers. Delicious!


Giff said…
mmm, this sounds like an improvement on the usual artichoke dip. nice!
kat said…
I adore hot artichoke dip if its done right & this sounds fabulous!
Maggie said…
Yum. This is similar to the recipe I've done, though I love the addition of spinach. And those little pots are SOOO cute!
Anonymous said…
That looks great in the little pot! Artichoke dip on an endive spear looks tasty too.
Patsyk said…
I imagine there was not a bit left! It looks delicious!
Alexa said…
I am with you about the gross-factor of the usual restaurant version of this dip. Your recipe is perfect though and I can see all the delicious bits or artichokes in there. It sounds great to me. I could make a meal of it with some endives.
Maris said…
This looks really good! I am a big spinach-artichoke dip fan but have never had artichoke alone. I also like spinach dip with water chestnuts, they give a nice, surprising crunch.
Michele said…
That looks soooooo darn good!!!!
krysta said…
what a great idea and does everyone get their own little pot or did they have to share....'cause you know me, i don't think i would have shared and i would have tried to take home those cute pots too!
Anonymous said…
Love the artichokes! Bring 'em on.
I love your version Stacey. No guilt, so much lighter! I'll be making this for the holidays for sure. We're artichoke fiends here!!!
Anonymous said…
looks so good... :)
Peter M said…
Again we eat the same foods today...I just baked an artichoke pie!

I'm always on the lookout for the better artichoke dip, this one may be it.
RecipeGirl said…
I love the fat-laden spinach artichoke dips!

I made one recently that was a bit of a change from the norm- a mushroom artichoke dip instead.

Cute little pots!!
Anonymous said…
This artichoke dip looks amazing! I love how you served it on endives.
brandin + kari said…
all i have to say is YUM!
Robin said…
I think you are right and it is the best artichoke dip ever. Looks great!
Lori Lynn said…
That does sound good. Like the panko topping and the endive spears a lot.
Anonymous said…
you know what, i've always had a soft-spot for artichoke dip. but i LOVE the idea of putting arugula (or even watercress) into it. nice one!
Anonymous said…
I just made this last night. It was AMAZING! I was going to take a picture of it to share, but it was gone before I knew it. My friends and I were brainstorming other ways to use this recipe. It would make a great filling in puff pastry or wanton wrappers.

This biggest comment I received was it tasted lighter than similar dips.
Anonymous said…
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Mrs. Gee said…
Stacey, This dip was amazing. I had it for a party this weekend and everyone raved about it especially Paulie Gee (as you know, he is very hard to please!) Have a Happy New Year!
Paulie Gee said…
This dip really was excellent. I'm just posting an adendum to Mrs. Gee's comment so I can get some exposure for my new avatar.
Sounds delicious! Love your blog! Came across it on foodbuzz & am a new follower!
- Jessica @