What's in a Name?

Sometimes people ask me how I came up with the name "Stacey Snacks". It's not that exciting of a name, it's almost hokey sounding. Does Stacey EAT her snacks, or does she PREPARE her snacks? Does Stacey OWN her snacks? (no, then it would be called Stacey's Snacks). What exactly does it mean?

I thought of a zillion clever names for my blog, and everytime I looked one up, it was already taken. I have a friend who calls me "The Food Fairy", but I didn't want to offend my gay friends, and many people refer to our house as "Chez Stay", but that was too hard for people who don't read French. (duh).

My friend Gary always calls and says "hey! what is Stacey Snacks makin' today? Can I get on the meal plan?". So, this is the boring story of how my name came to be.

I love some of the food blog names out there, they are so clever.

Peanut Butter & Julie (PB & Stacey just didn't work)
Whining & Dining (that applies to many people I know)
The Leftover Queen (she doesn't just serve leftovers, but her name is catchy!)
Cake Wrecks (shows mishaps in baking)

So many names, and so many creative people out there. I can usually tell by the name of a blog if I am going to like it or not.

One more strange fact:
Have you ever noticed that so many food bloggers have the name Jen or Lisa? I swear! It's true!


Anonymous said…
Hi Stacey!

Thanks for including my blog. Believe me, it took me a while to think of the name, and then it came to me while I was running one morning. Cake Wrecks is one of my favorite blogs. It had me in tears one day, laughing out loud at some of the creations. I don't know who is actually ordering some of those cakes.....


(Peanut Butter and Julie)
Maris said…
When I first started my blog I didn't really know what I wanted its focus to be so I kept my title general. Now that I've been at it for awhile, I want to change it to something food related but I've been having trouble coming up with one!
I like the name of your blog. It's very catchy.

I know there are so many Lisa's. It's weird because growing up, there was only one or two other Lisa's in my high school graduating class (which was about 450 students).
kat said…
I wish I had picked a more exciting name when I started my blog though it does explain us, we do have a good appetite... ;)
Giff said…
The marketing part of my brain agonized over using "the" in "The Constables' Larder", since it will always get lumped into the "The" batch in alphabetical lists, but I liked the play on words and the rest of my brain told marketing-part to shut-up, it wasn't why we were doing our blog in the first place.

I did have someone get all excited that I had gotten to know the founder of Stacy's pita chips. ;-) I cleared that one up, but wondered if you get that confusion often.
Thistlemoon said…
LOL! That is so funny, I never thought of it, but you are right, lots of Jen(n)'s and Lisa's in blogging - but then again there are a lot of us in the world too! ;)

I think your blog name is great! :)

Thanks for the shout out!
Anonymous said…
I have noticed there are a lot of Lisa's. I should come up with something more original for signing my comments!
krysta said…
i've noticed it too... i can't keep all the lisa's straight in my little brain! funny thing is, i'm not so sure if i like my blogging name... because i'm not sure what people will think.