Stealing Photos

I remember a few months back, Jen from Last Night's Dinner had one of her food photos used on someone else's blog.
Other bloggers emailed her and told her about it. This guy, a well known chef, with a radio show!!! used her photo and posted it as his! She was outraged and called him out on it, used his name on her blog and told him that the photo was HER property, and that she would contact the authorities! She was pissed.
Many bloggers were outraged. This was blatent stealing.

Well, this happened to me this weekend! I don't think this blogger (who I shall not name, because she took the photo off) did this to be devious, I don't think she really even thought about it.
Just because I don't have a disclosure on my blog saying "these photos are the property of Stacey Snacks", doesn't mean they don't belong to me.
If this person would've emailed me and asked if she could use my photo with credit, of course I would have happily obliged.

I emailed her and told her that using someone else's photos without permission is not right. I never did hear back from her, but she did remove my photo. I appreciate that she did so.

We bloggers work very hard taking photos for our blogs. It takes me about 10 takes to get one decent shot of a friggin' turkey sandwich! When I finally take a good one, I yell out YIPEE!

This concludes another episode of the BLOG PATROL! Be nice, Be safe, Eat well & Play nice on the internet!
Good night!


Peter M said…
This happened to me about a month ago and although flattered, I was also furious that some lazy person would stoop to steal a photo and recipe.

I've since watermarked my photos...such is blogging life.
Pam said…
Good for you Stacey. I haven't had someone do this to me, (that i know of) but I would feel angry too.

On the brighter side, I have something for you on my blog.
RecipeGirl said…
I've taken to watermarking my photos too. Someone actually took two of my ENTIRE blog posts recently and posted them as their own. Thankfully they took it off and don't seem to be bothering me anymore. That is just not cool.

10 pics to get a good turkey sandwich? I must be anal. Sometimes I take about 150 photos of a prepared item before I'm done with it. I drive my husband nuts!
kat said…
Wow, that is frustrating. I'm glad she removed it promptly
Anonymous said…
that olive cake sounds so tasty, I need to try it soon.
Anonymous said…
I hear ya sister! It's a lot of work to write a food blog and to get the photos just right. It's not right to steal the work of others. Bad blogger...Bad!
Chef E said…
Gosh, I have a lot to learn, how do you watermark a photo? Help!!!
Michele said…
I want to know how to watermark a photo too!
Anonymous said…
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