NYC Foodbuzz Dinner: Spice Market 10/18

I had the opportunity to host a dinner for NYC metro area featured publishers for foodbuzz, a great website for food bloggers.

My job as hostess with the mostess was to find a place and invite fellow foodbuzz bloggers to join in! Easy, one would think!

I found out that in New York City to host a dinner for 25 people, on a budget, is nearly impossible. If you want to have it on a Monday or Tuesday night, then the world was our oyster, but a Saturday night? forget about it. No one even called me back or wanted to negotiate a fixed price dinner for us. I tried every hip and trendy restaurant in the big, bad apple, and no luck.

Spice Market in the meat packing district, to the rescue. The woman who handles events was more than happy to work with us and we chose a great tasting menu.

It was terrific meeting fellow bloggers and talking about foodbuzz and its many exciting new goings on.
Ryan and Devon flew in from San Francisco and told us about some great new ideas generating on foodbuzz.

I sat next to Christo from Chez What, a great food blog and a real New Yorker.
Also it was great meeting Nichelle and all the other bloggers!

Dinner highlights were the chicken w/ kumquats and the delicious spicy duck curry. The ginger margaritas were a welcomed relief for me, after having sat in traffic for 2 hours. I was a nervous wreck that I would be late for the dinner! But the parking gods were good to me, as always, and I found a space one block away and made it in by the bell.

(photo of the hostesses taken by Comestiblog).
Thanks foodbuzz for a great evening!


what a nice time it was.....
How fun Stacey!!! Isn't Ryan the best (sorry haven't met Devon!)? I bet you had such a fun night! Mmmm...ginger margaritas?
Stacey, Sounds like lots of fun, and that chicken looked mighty good too!! Sounds like you pulled off a great night!
Pam said…
What a fun adventure (except the 2 hours in traffic). Dinner sounded great and those ginger margaritas are calling my name.
Sounds like fun! love the slide show!
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much, Stacey. It was so fun!
Yvo Sin said…
Thank you again for hosting! It was a great time (and I will post about it... soon... I hope!)!!!
Zesty Cook said…
I am so jealous!!! Glad you had a great time.

Maria said…
What a fun evening out! Glad you had a good time.
Anonymous said…
Totally off topic, but I made your wonderful turkey breast last night and my family LOVED it! College Inn just came out with a "white wine and herb" stock, so that's what I used and the flavor of the gravy was amazing! We've been enjoying turkey sandwiches today and I may not be cooking an entire turkey this Thanksgiving after all! Thanks for a terrific recipe, one that I will make quite often!
Stacey Snacks said…

I am so happy my turkey recipe was a success! you don't know good that makes me feel! the leftover turkey sandwiches are the best part.

thanks for letting me know.
Anonymous said…
Boo, once again I missed all the fun. :-(
We should do underground dinner parties sometimes. If someone could host in NY, I would be happy to do the cooking. :-)
Anonymous said…
Glad it al worked out, sounds wonderful!
Looking forward to Sat when among other topics, lipstick on a pig? We'll discuss food!

Love You,
Anonymous said…
Thanks for a superb evening of fun and food. It was a pleasure meeting you and our fellow foodbuzzers. See you at the next event!