My "Go To" Dish: Veal Milanese

I was talking to a chef in a NYC restaurant recently, and I told him I loved to cook.
He asked me "what is your GO TO dish?". I said, huh? "What is the best thing you make?". I had to think about that.

Everyone requests my Caesar salad, it is my niece Jenny's favorite thing. She eats it out of the bowl the next day, wilted and all. It's very good, original, and a secret (sort of like my egg salad recipe!).

I also make amazing little veal meatloaves, wrapped in bacon, that I will make for a post once the weather is cooler.

But my GO TO dish would have to be Veal Milanese.
It is my husband's favorite thing that I make. If I tell him in the a.m. that I am making it for dinner, he is happy all day.

The most important element in making this dish is the veal. You have to buy the best quality veal cutlets from a good butcher. I have had too many chewy, disgusting pieces of veal, and what a waste of money. I have a reliable supermarket butcher who always gives me beautiful cuts.

Stacey Snacks Veal Milanese: (serves 2)

First I make my tomato salad (that will go on top of arugula):

~ a bunch of cherry tomatoes, quartered
~ kosher salt for the tomatoes
~ 2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar
~ cubed fresh mozzarella (I use 1 large ball)
~ a handful of chopped kalamata olives
~ optional: chopped red onion and fresh basil
~ 4 tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil

Add all ingredients in a bowl and let sit on the counter. Can be done 2 hours before. The tomatoes will get very juicy and make a nice dressing.

Now for the easy part! (as if the tomatoes weren't easy enough).

~ 4 veal cutlets, pounded THIN.
~ Large skillet w/ olive oil for frying.
~ 3 bowls laid out for your F.E.B., which is Flour, Egg, Breadcrumbs.
~ sprinkle salt and pepper in your first bowl with the flour. Whisk an egg in the second bowl, and lay out some seasoned breadcrumbs in the third bowl.

Now dip your veal cutlets, one at a time in each bowl. Then fry in a large skillet on medium-high heat for about 2 minutes on each side. Lay on paper towels to drain.
Place your cutlets on plates, top with fresh arugula, and top with tomato salad.
I also drizzle some more olive oil over the salad & grind black pepper over. Serve immediately.

Tell me what your GO TO dish is! I would love to know!


SarahB said…
will you make that when we come over for dinner?? Looks so good!
kat said…
Oh yum, I bet it would be good with chicken for non-veal eaters too.
Your veal looks delcious! It is hubby loves veal and we had marsala last night.

My go to dish is pasta. I usually saute some type of veggie (artichokes, peas or spinach) and add some crispy prosciutto, herbs, broth and light cream.
Jeni said…
Sounds excellent! I'm not sure I've ever cooked veal, but I've made chicken this way a bunch :)

I'm not sure I have a go-to meal, but I guess I'd have to say improvisational Italian. I'm famous for throwing together a pasta dish or chicken dish with Italian influences.
Anonymous said…
My go-to dish is sweet and sour meatballs and cabbage. SO easy and delicious. If you like stuffed cabbage, this dish is even better because there's no time consuming "rolling" of the meat/rice in cabbage leaves. If you (or your readers) are interested, I'd be happy to provide it to you! (And I still want to know how you and your hubby keep your figures -- you look so slim in your Paris pictures!) Stacey Snacks is my absolutely favorite food blog -- cook-friendly recipes, lovely banter and gorgeous pictures!! Keep up the good work, Stacey!
Stacey Snacks said…

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are too kind!
I LOVE stuffed cabbage. My grandmother used to make it w/ a cinnamon stick in the sauce and raisins in the meat rice mixture.

Regarding staying thin. It's just luck. I hate exercising, though I lift weights 3 times a week, and my husband is the same way. We eat A LOT OF FOOD in this house, and so far, so good!

Maris said…
I'm not a big meat eater. . . but I think I'd eat your tomato salad straight up and then want to lick the bowl :o)
I would be happy all day too, if I knew I was coming home to this for dinner!!
Anonymous said…
we love ourselves some veal milanese - we make ours w/ gnocchi on the side and some arugula salad. MMMMM.

as for go-to dishes, we have a few to stay fresh:
1. cacio e pepe
2. pasta con tonno
3. roasted chicken w/ roasted potatoes
3. carne asada soft tacos
4. lidia's lamb

almost all of these we've put on our blog. they are just quick and easy and CHEAP! that's the key (to me) to go-to meals.
krysta said…
ahhh! the power of a go to dish... it makes everyone happy and you feel like a rock star. i cannot wait until my little sous chefs are gone so i can afford some veal.
krysta said…
oops... i forgot my go to dishes...

rice and beans
chicken tacos
hamburgers (i make a mean hamburger)
Anonymous said…
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AjaHand said…
Made this for my wife with feta cheese for Valentines Day dinner with a Tignanello. Looks who's getting' lucky!