Lunch with a Jersey Girl

I love Bruce Springsteen's song: Jersey Girl.

"I know a place where the dancing's free
Now baby won't you come with me
`cause down the shore everything's all right
You and your baby on a Saturday night
Nothing matters in this whole wide world
When you're in love with a Jersey girl"

sha la la la la la la la la

Anyhow, enough about Bruce and how much I love him.

FACT: Did you know that New Jersey is one of 2 states (Oregon being the other), that does not have self serve gas pumps? True.
The attendant has to fill up your tank. Another fun fact about New Jersey! (ok, so it's a dumb fact).

Yesterday, I had lunch with fellow food blogger Lisa, from Jersey Girl Cooks.
I have a soft spot for Lisa, since she was one of the first people to support & comment on my blog (besides my mother in law!) and give me an award. I read her blog daily and felt like I already knew her even before meeting her!
(I just didn't realize how tall and thin she was!).

We found we had much in common besides our love of cooking & eating.
We are both NY/NJ natives and both went to college in NJ, as well as high school. We both married guys who LOVE sports and WERE meat & potatoes men, but are refining their tastes.
We both love the Jersey shore and love to cook, (duh, as if we didn't already know this, hence the "food blog" theme going on!).

We needed to find a place in the middle of the state to meet, since she lives closer to Philadelphia, and I live closer to Manhattan.

Princeton was in the middle, a terrific college town with great shops and the best artisan ice cream/gelato store called The Bent Spoon.
Lisa & I had lunch at Mediterra, a decent place in Princeton, but nothing to write home about, Lisa ordered the better of the 2 entrees. I won't even bother to describe the meals.

When I looked at my watch, the time had slipped away from us & it was time to leave. We probably could have stayed & chatted until dinner hour!
It was fun to discuss blogs we liked and politics (seems to be in the air lately).

2 girls from New Jersey out having fun! Hope to do it again soon! Thanks Lisa!


Ilva said…
always nice to meet fellow food bloggers! I am curious about Princeton, any more photos by any chance?
Nice to see Jersey Biters getting together. Hope Lisa and I will be able to meet both you and Lisa in the future. - John
kat said…
Oh, I bet you two had a blast
Maria said…
Oh how fun. I love Lisa too!! I enjoy both of your blogs! Glad you had a nice time out!
Pam said…
I wish I could have had lunch with you two. What a fun day!!
Thank you so much for lunch! We will definitely do it again soon! I will be posting later:)
Peter M said…
Glad to see that you two hit it off in person too! I've met some wonderful bloggers as well and I encourage it.
Maris said…
Sounds like a lot of fun! I used to live in Princeton...The Bent Spoon is amazing. Though there are some great restaurants, I agree, Mediterra is nothing to write home about! I think the food is decent but a tad overpriced.
Patsyk said…
What a great way to get to know each other in person! I love spending time with someone that is so easy you don't realize so much time has passed!
Alexa said…
New Jersey is a bit far from me but I get to enjoy the gas pump thing every time I go to Portland. It sounds like you guys had a great time... :-)
Prudy said…
It's my first time here, came over from Lisa's. You two sound like two peas in a pod. Your blog looks wonderful!
Awwww, You guys look so cute together! Thats great that you got to meet each other! and so much in common!!
Debbie said…
I've never met any fellow bloggers but hope to one day. I don't know of any where I live in Virginia. I used to live in Bayonne,NJ many years back. Love your blog. I just found it through Lisa's.
Anonymous said…
How fun! It's cool you guys were able to connect in person and have so much in common.
Chef E said…
I like Mediterra and want to visit their new place Enno Terra, its right behind where we live. I think the Jersey foodbuzz'ers need to do something one day!
Michele said…
That's soo nice! It reminds me of when I met some of my fellow bakespacers!
Anonymous said…
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