Fall Focus

I am looking to buy a new digital camera. My food pics are not that great, and I need better lighting.
This week I practiced taking some photos with the macro setting & changing the AWB (white balance).

The little girl in the photos is my brother's daughter, Olivia.
It looks like fall is in the air!


Pam said…
The pictures look great! I love the one of the lone leaf on the grate.

The croissant bread pudding looks amazing!
rcoda said…
OK, Stacey! We know you're a better cook than me. Now you're a better photographer, too? I guess I should retire! :^)


Maria said…
I need a new camera too! Your photos look great!
Anonymous said…
great job! finding that button (macro setting) on the camera was one of the best days of my life. clearly, i'm a loser w/ no life.
Beautiful pictures and beautiful niece!Where is that picture (mountains and water) taken of?
Stacey Snacks said…
Photo of the foliage was taken yesterday up at the Delaware Water Gap on the Jersey/Pa. border.
Nice scenery, but no where to eat!!!
Anonymous said…
I don't own a fancy camera. My tricks are to use the macro and white balance settings. Also, when I can't photograph near natural light, I actually changed the light bulbs in my kitchen to natural light energy efficent bulbs. It creates much better color.
Anonymous said…
You not only cook you take great pictures.

Multi-talented is the word for you.
with love,
I can never take pictures in my kitchen, the lightings too yellow. I have to haul everything out to my sunroom which is attached to my kitchen. I was thinking of getting a Lowel ego light to use inside, have you heard of that? Alot of bloggers use it.
Giff said…
I think these pictures look great!
Lo said…
These are lovely pictures. We're trying to master the food photography aspect of blogging ourselves... so you're in good company! The lighting in our kitchen is HORRIFIC!

Love the blog, though -- so keep up the good work.
Alexa said…
Those pictures came out great. I especially love the one of your niece sitting in the pile.
Food pics are so tricky. It took me a while playing around with my camera to figure out what worked. Every time the lighting changes because of the weather, I am back to square one. I bought a photographer's light for rainy days. It helps a lot. Let me know if you want more details.

tigerfish said…
I simply love the colors of Fall :)