Chocolate Chili Cake

Something must be wrong with me. I don't even like to bake, and this week I baked 3 cakes!! There are 2 people living in this house! I do give a few slices away to drop-ins, but basically, we have devoured 3 freakin' cakes.
I will not get on the scale. My sister in law Linda emailed me and said that she baked 3 cakes too, and that they are evil, they call her downstairs in the middle of the night. These blogs are killing us.

I love the surprise of spices and herbs baked into desserts.
My chocolate orange cupcakes w/ rosemary are so good, and I also make great lemon rosemary custards. Savory and sweet go so well together. I have had cookies w/ black pepper in them and they were so delish!

I was reading blogs the other night (unlike every other night!), and I found an interesting sounding recipe for a chocolate chili cake from JaneSpice.

I used Scharffenberger 99% unsweetened chocolate, because I had some squares leftover, and the results were very chocolately.
Though I could not taste much chili (maybe my chili powder was too old), I would definitely make this cake again, maybe with additions of cinnamon & cloves. It was so easy, and very moist, much like a flourless chocolate cake or the best brownie.

I love any cake baked in a loaf pan, they never stick!


kat said…
I love this kind of cake. I do a Mexican Chocolate Loaf Cake that I adore. I wonder what is in the air making you want cakes?
Linda said…
Ok Sta!! enough with the baking!!! stop putting recipes for yummy baked goods, especially those containing chocolate on this blog!!! Regular "food food" I can resist, but the baked goods, not so much!!! I just sent the Chocolate Chip Sour Cream cake away, thank god, and now this one!!! Stop, Im begging you!!!
Love ya
SarahB said…
my grandmother used to make a chocolate pepper cookie which was shaped like a ball and made with black pepper. They were so good. I googled it and found an "italian chocolate pepper cookie" which sounds very similar to hers! I have to try it!
This sounds like a great combination. I bought some Lindt chocolate with red chili pepper that was delicious. I will be blogging asbout it one of these days.
The first time I tasted chocolate chili cake, I was in Taos. It was so freakin' amazing, that my husband and I ordered a second piece. So I have got to try this!