Vin et Fromage (Wine & Cheese)

Everyday, we have to stop in the charcuterie and buy pate, and some kind of quiche to bring home (even though we have eaten lunch and are probably going out for a 10 pm dinner.....we are still on NY time).

There are 3 great shops on the Rue St. Germain, close to the Pantheon, about a 10 minute walk from our apartment. The man at the charcuterie sells the best saussicon and other sausages and pork. Cooked chickens and gorgeous meat. Right next door is a fromagerie, which has GORGEOUS cheeses, and milk, fresh eggs, and fresh French butter, that is beyond good. We get a baguette and just smear it with butter.

I am not good at choosing French cheeses, since I only have a small amount of knowledge and know only a few names, thanks to my next door neighbor, Amina, who is Parisian, and has helped me thru the years with cheese selection. I love a Roquefort, and anything smelly, I also love Comte and Gruyere, but that is so basic.
I am afraid to try something with raw milk or super smelly, because I know my husband will leave the apartment! So I played it safe and bought an aged Gouda (Holland) and an Emmenthaler (Swiss). I know, I am boring.

Then, next door to the cheese store (fromagerie) is the wine shop! Wine is so inexpensive, since it is not imported. A nice Cotes du Rhone, which normally at home would be about $20., is only about $8. US and is damn good.

We had this great bottle of Grande Reserve from the South of France (Cotes du Rhone) for 8 euros. (about $12.).
HOWEVER, if you want a bottle of vodka or gin, be prepared to PAY. A bottle of Grey Goose is $50 US. VERY expensive. Most cafes don't even offer vokda or gin. Champagne and wine is so good, no need to do the cocktail thing here.

Don't you love the King Charles Spaniel that guards the wine shop? He is so handsome.


The cheese shop looks so good! I would be fine with just drinking wine and champagne. Wouldn't even miss the cocktails!
SarahB said…
The stinky cheese looks great and how fabulous to be able to enjoy those wines at such a great price! Love that spaniel...even their dogs are chic!
Oh, why can't we have such beautiful like that here in the States? Enjoy!
Linda said…
Load up your suitcases with the wine for Steven and I'll take the pup!!!Oh, and some pastries too!!!
Apartment is gorgeous!!!
Love ya
How did you survive without cocktails?
Rebecca said…
Hay Sta!! Mon Dieux! What a wonderful trip. I love to see it through your eyes too. Love your blog! xo Beck