The Strangest, Easiest Apple Cake

Since I have so many apples from apple picking this week, I needed some interesting apple dessert recipes. I have a list of nice looking recipes from bloggers in my favorites. I found a beautiful photo on Foodbuzz from La Vida en Buenos Aires blog.
It was a delicious looking apple cake, but the recipe read very odd to me.

I emailed Sylvia from La Vida en Buenos Aires, and she was kind enough to help me with the recipe and metric conversions.
Her English is pretty good, and my Spanish is pretty bad, but she explained it to me perfectly via email.

When you make the cake, you are thinking, ok, this is weird, is this really going to turn out like Sylvia's photo?
I promise you, it did! It is one of the BEST apple cakes that I have ever had.
PERFECT for breakfast, has a pan-cakey type of texture. It was so simple, that I had to laugh.

As Sylvia says: Make sure you butter the pan generously, so the cake does not stick.
Her recipe calls for 50 grams of butter, which is about half a stick.

She uses 40% of the half stick to butter the cake pan, and the rest of the butter to dice up and put over the apples and cinnamon.
I used whatever type of apples I picked the other day, and it was delicious!

Here is Sylvia's recipe. If you need help, you can email me, or if your Spanish is better you can email her in Argentina!


I made an apple cake yesterday too! Mine was for sweet and simple bakes which I will be blogging about on 10/1.

Yours looks delicious!
Sylvia said…
haha Thanks for "...the pretty good English",I am truing get better...;)
As I said i am so glad that you like, is one of our fav apple cake.
And you make it pretty well
RecipeGirl said…
Wow, what a nice, nice blogger to take the time to help you out with that cake! Looks like you're making good use of your apple bounty :)