Savory Bread Puddings: WOW

I was reading A Good Appetite tonight, and loved Kat's good looking bread puddings with goat cheese and fennel. As we all know, my husband is a goat cheese HATER (he is also a mushroom hater, and that saddens me).
Her bread puddings looked so good, I had to make them immediately.

I ran downstairs and came up with these. They were so damn good, I swear, I will make them for the rest of my life. They would be perfect with a roast in the winter.
Thank you Kat for posting that recipe!!!!!!

Savory Bread Puddings (recipe inspired by A Good Appetite): (makes 2 servings)

~ Butter 2 large ramekins.

~ I started with about 4 good Italian bread slices, and butter them.

~ I put a swipe of dijon mustard on a few of the slices. (you know I am
casual and never measure, and eyeball everything).

~ Saute half of a chopped onion in olive oil with 1 clove of chopped garlic and a handful of fresh rosemary.

~ Now fold the buttered bread slices to fit the ramekins.

~ Place the cooked onion, garlic and rosemary mixture on top of your first bread slice in each ramekin.

~ Then top with half of a slice of speck (smoked prosciutto) can use Serrano ham, or regular prosciutto, and you only need 1 slice, divided into 2 pieces.

~ Now layer another slice of buttered bread on top of your mixture.

~ Pour your custard over the bread slices, and press down. Soak for about half hour on the counter.
Custard: 2/3 cup of whole milk & 1 egg, whisked with salt & pepper.

~ Top with freshly grated good Parmesan Reggiano cheese.

~ Bake at 375 for 35 minutes. Bread puddings will puff up like little souffles!

I let them cool until my main dish was done, and then ran a knife around the edges to take them out of the ramekins.
You can do ANYTHING with these. Any stale bread with any cheese, sauteed shrooms, leeks, or figs, or chocolate if you like! Be creative.
I will be making these for Thanksgiving this year instead of stuffing! Thanks Kat!


Maris said…
YUM! Have you ever tried pumpkin bread pudding? They have it at a deli in PA near my mom's house but I have a recipe that I might try out this weekend!
Looks so good! I wouldn't mind having some with the brisket:)
Anonymous said…
Bread pudding looks yummy!And so easy...
kat said…
Oh my your version sounds so fantastic! Don't you just love these recipes that allow you to play with whatever is on hand?
Anonymous said…
Great idea to replace stuffing with these!
SarahB said…
I was thinking the same thing! Thanksgiving side dish! They look so great to experiment with!
Sylvia said…
Wow !!!A savory bread pudding !!!!
I must try this recipe. Looks really delicious
Megan said…
Love bread pudding but never thought of it as savory. This is a must try!
Jennifer said…
mm, that looks great! I haven't ventured into bread pudding it hard?

Heather said…
yum! that looks good :) it kind of looks like a strata that i make sometimes. i love the addition of dijon mustard!
Sylvia said…
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