Paris Bites and Spike Lee

Today we did some exploring in the 14th arrondisement, and found some AMAZING food markets on the Rue DaGuerre. GORGEOUS seafood, beef, cheeses, pastries, and I found the very best boulangerie of all. An artisan bread shop, and bought the best pastries of the trip, so far.

We just came back from the Luxembourg Gardens, where we brought a blanket (it's chilly today), a bottle of wine, and these delicious treats. I actually carried wine glasses and china into the gardens (it's only a few hundred feet away).
We had this wonderful tarte anchois (anchovy tart with tomatoes!!!!!!), a prune tart, some leftover pate and a stale baguette from yesterday, and this chocolate thing. I have no idea what those little round things on the plate are called, but they were my favorite so far. Light, pillowy, almost like a donut, but more like a popover with sugar. WOWIE. (addition: I just found out they are called chouquette).

The park is a wonderful place, and on a Saturday, there are families with young children playing, we saw children's birthday parties going on........adorable children dressed up in costumes having potato sack races (in paper bags), playing games and always with makeup and Halloween type dress.
The teenagers from the colleges all sit together and sing songs, they hold hands (odd to see 18 year olds holding hands in a circle), and laugh and clap and have great fun.
Just watching them made us smile.

There was a potato exhibit in the gardens today. YES, a potato exhibit. Pomme de Terre. Ok, that was a little weird.

As we walked into the park, with booze and bags in hand, I saw Spike Lee coming towards us. He was talking to his acquaintance, an older woman, both with NY accents. And I said "Hey Spike! NEW YORK!". He was very nice and said hello, how ya doing? I am such an idiot. Couldn't I think of something else to say. DUH.

People napping in the parks all over the city, exhausted from waiting to see the Pope this morning. They were all carrying yellow signs or yellow and white umbrellas, many dressed in navy blue. Church bells could be heard ringing this morning from Notre Dame all over the city.

This is the most beautiful city, the people are beautiful to look at, the buildings are gorgeous and the food is beyond. We are the tallest people (especially the husband at 6 ft 5 inches) and people immediately recognize us as Americans. They want to talk politics with us in the cafes, and are very surprised at our choices. But everyone is friendly and is patient with our poorly spoken French.

The trip is coming to an end, and I feel sad. Back to real life in a few days.
We still have Versailles and a home cooked meal made by our friends Ghalia and Clement who live close to the Eiffel Tower.

More tomorrow.........


Beautiful looking food! Sounds like you are having a great time1
Anonymous said…
I'm going to miss your pictures and commentary on the city of lights...

So happy you are enjoying every minute.

SarahB said…
The anchovy tart looks great but the Spike Lee encounter is by far my favorite part of today's blog!
K said…
The food looks (and sounds) amazing, once again. PS I don't think I commented earlier but the apartment is AMAZING. I will live there happily thank you very much. Can't wait to hear the full scoop when you get back!
Hi Stacey, I've been enjoying your trip with you as I'm reading all your posts. It would be real hard to leave all that! I could get use to that way of life real quick!!!
Grat photo's!
Pam said…
You lucky girl! I am glad you are having a fantastic time and I am sure you are enjoying all the tasty food.
Linda said…
Hi Sta & Hen!!!
Is it possible for me to gain weight just looking at the pictures?!!!
So glad you are having a great time!!! How could you not!!
Love ya!!!
kat said…
It all looks so wonderful!
Giff said…
Sounds like a fabulous trip. I've had a real mixed bag of exposure to Parisian attitudes from my trips there, but it sounds like you've experienced the nicer end of the spectrum. I'm definitely jealous looking at these fab pictures. :)
Meghan Lynch said…
Hi Stacey,
I ate my way from one end of Paris to the other as well as the rest of France! Loved it, loved it. Did you ever try and recreate the tarte anchois? I would love to try your recipe!