Onion Tart: "O" Foods for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Marie from Proud Italian Cook inspired me to make a dish that starts with the letter "O" because September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.
Marie is a great blogger who has a huge following. She lost her mom when she was 9 years old to this disease, so it is an important issue to her. ALL women should have regular breast and gynecological screenings yearly. Don't put it off, like my mother yells at me, "DO IT ALREADY!"

Here is my onion tart, for Marie & Michelle at Bleeding Espresso who is having a contest for bloggers making recipes beginning with the letter "O" to bring attention to this deadly disease.

This recipe is always a winner. I make it as a side dish in the cooler weather, or for lunch with a salad.
I make Martha Stewart's pate brisee recipe, which is easy and very good. This time the crust came out a little hard, almost like a cookie, and I am not sure why, though it still tasted good.

I added fresh rosemary to the dough, because a reader on Martha's site suggested using fresh herbs, and I really liked it.
I always cry when I slice onions, and I have found a new trick! I wear sunglasses now when I am cutting up onions in quantity. It really works!

Stacey Snacks Onion Tart:

~ 1 uncooked pie shell (Martha's pate brisee recipe)
~ 4 large onions, sliced thin
~ 4 slices of slab bacon, cubed (you can use any bacon that you have)
~ 3 tbsp butter
~ 4 eggs
~ 1 cup of heavy cream or half & half
~ 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
~ salt & pepper

Start by cooking your bacon until crisp. Remove when finished and transfer bacon to a mixing bowl. Drain bacon fat out of pan, and melt butter in the same pan.
Cook your thinly sliced onions on medium-low heat (do not brown them) for about 15-20minutes, until transluscent in color. Add your onions to the bacon in the mixing bowl.

Now make your custard by whisking together your eggs and cream, salt & pepper & nutmeg. Pour this filling into the onion mixture and combine ingredients.
Pour mixture into pie shell and bake about 45 minutes in a 375 degree oven.

This is so simple, the only time consuming task is making the pie dough, which has to chill in the fridge for at least an hour. But you can do this ahead and freeze the discs, so you always have 2 on hand!
Serve with a nice frisee salad w/ mustard dressing. Yummy!


Stacey...That looks so good. Perfect supper for a cold, rainy Friday night. It looks delicious and I am sure it was! Yum.
Anonymous said…
Any reason not to cook the onions in the bacon fat?
Stacey Snacks said…
You certainly can cook the onions in the fat, but I find it a bit too greasy for me! But I am sure it will taste even better!
kat said…
I love an onion tart & this one looks so beautiful!
Anonymous said…
This recipe is a winner. I've made Stacey's version many times although it never looks as gorgeous as the picture. Sometimes I cheat and use frozen pie shells, but the result is always the same-delicious!
Wow Stacey! You are quite the cook! That looks amazing! I could see this in the window of a fancy French eatery!! I will definitely give this a try, I love the ease of it too. A very big hug to you, with all your kind words and support of this cause. I truely appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!
xoxo, Marie
Ilva said…
This looks so good! Thanks a lot for reminding me of the O event, it almost passed me by despite the fact that I have made a dish. I have an onion entry too but fortunately different from yours, we obviously think a bit alike though!
justme said…
i love this idea bout recp with O, i am walking in a walk athon tomorrow to help raise money and awareness for this horrible cancer. check out a guest post at my blog today....http://mommyvents.blogspot.com
Fabulous Stacey! Love onions; in fact I made an onion, oregano, and thyme focaccia this past week for O Foods :)

Please note that to be eligible for the contest you must copy and paste the entire text box from one of our announcement posts (including the contest rules and ovarian cancer facts) into this post.

Thanks so much for participating!
Aggie said…
This looks delicious Stacey! Love those onions!