NOT My Mother's Brisket

This goes with the post Not My Mother's Brussel Sprouts.

As we all know by now, my mother is no cook.
I have not made a brisket in 8 years or so, because the memories are still with me.

Growing up, we had brisket almost every other week, along with dried out chicken, burned Delmonico steaks (what a waste of money on the most expensive cuts), London Broil (which should be banned from everywhere), frozen vegetables, and if we were lucky, a jar of Ragu with spaghetti!

I sound like an ingrate. I did get a lot of my artistic talents from my mother, and I thank her for that. However, my culinary skills were not learned in that house for sure!!!!

For Rosh Hashanah, which is the Jewish New Year, I usually make the Silver Palate recipe Chicken Marbella, which is a crowd pleaser. It's sweet and simple and you can make it the day before.
This year, I decided to be nostalgic and make a brisket to go along with the chicken dish.

I searched google for a GOOD brisket recipe, and I found that the most downloaded brisket recipe on the internet was 1995 Gourmet Magazine's recipe "My Mother's Brisket". You can find it on

It came out tender and delicious. I served it along with roasted vegetables (brussel sprouts, carrots and potatoes), and sweet noodle kugel, which is like a bread pudding with egg noodles, raisins, apples and eggs.

A delicious holiday dinner, and will make great sandwiches with horseradish for lunch tomorrow!
Maybe now I won't wait another 8 years to make a brisket!


Anonymous said…
i made this brisket as well, and smitten kitchen's challah bread.
It all came out delicious!
glad yours did too!
Anonymous said…
happy holidays, stacey! this brisket looks fabu. brisket has been on our list of things to make for about 2 years now. can i come over?
Happy new Years to you and yours Stacey! Your brisket looks so good with all that onion juice. Yummm!
kat said…
Yum, I am jealous of that whole meal!
Jennifer said…
That looks amazing :) I had dinner with some family friends for the New Year this week & we had brisket as good :) The husband actually made it (believe it or not! :)) and has a ton of other old Russian Jewish recipes up his sleve. I've gotten him to agree to teach me - hopefully they'll become blog worthy! :)

Thanks again for the bread pudding tips!
Anonymous said…
Whoa! What a brisket!!

Fantastic articles. Found you via FoodBuzz. Don't you like the apron and spatula we got from them??


Gabi @