Labor Day Birthday Party: Caution HEAVY LOAD

WARNING: Reading this post, may cause weight gain.
Proceed with caution.

Happy Labor Day. My friend Deborah celebrated an undisclosed age birthday, and had a few talented friends over for Labor Day to celebrate. The food was only AMAZING.
My contribution was my potato salad, which I didn't photograph, because you have all seen it before.
I also made a roasted eggplant appetizer, which I will post with the recipe tomorrow.

Sit back and come hungry.

When we first arrived, I saw a large fire on the grill and thought that dinner was ruined, but I should have trusted my intuition. I have never been disappointed at this house. Even the burned chicken was saved (by scraping off the charred skin.....they should have consulted me first before attempting to grill chicken on the bone).

The main course was a gorgeous poached salmon in vermouth served with a tzatziki (yogurt, dill and cucumber sauce) on the side.

The second main dish were gyros. An American version of the Greek shaved lamb. Noel made more of a lamb meatloaf, with beautiful hot flat breads, feta, tomato, and some of that great Greek yogurt sauce.

Beverages were great gin & tonics and beer.

First courses were assorted cheeses, figs in balsamic syrup and my eggplant appetizer. Along with homemade savory scones with Italian ham inside (out of this world), made by Sharyn from Simply Homemade. An awesome baker, and one of the funniest people I know.

Chris made a fantastic lobster risotto. Really good. Why are men such great cooks?

The Summit High School Football team getting some energy before the game. (Michael Phelps isn't the only one who eats 12,000 calories per day!).

Roasted golden beets, red beets and baby beets with red onion all from the local farmers' market. I took some home for lunch tomorrow.

Charlie, the beggar.

And for dessert........yes, there is more.........and more.......and more.........
Fantastic homemade Napoleon cake (Josephine would be proud), made by Sharyn at Simply Homemade. She also made cheesecake brownies, the best carrot birthday cake and apple pie w/ walnut crust.

OK ARE YOU STUFFED YET??????? Hope you had a nice holiday weekend, everyone.


krysta said…
i'm starving! those pictures made me hungry and the lobster risotto... wow!
Anonymous said…
looks like you guys had so much fun... food looks great too... :)
Noel Raskin, MD said…
Go Baby. I am so pleased at what a GREAT writer you are. Not only beautiful but Smart. Keep up the great work!!!!

Giff said…
sounds like a nice, and filling!, time
Looks like you had some great food! Now I need to go have a salad for lunch:)
Anonymous said…
Stacey - awesome writing, i was hysterical - you too are one of the funniest - love your company, glad everyone enjoyed desserts - it was absolutely my pleasure.

First of all Happy undisclosed B-Day, but really Stacey you have a long way before saying that. Talk to me, I'll tell you when! You guys know how to party, the salmon looks incredible, and excuse me, did ou say lobster risotto??? How bout I bring the wine!
Stacey Snacks said…
It was my friend's bday, not mie......but that's ok, you can come and dine with us anytime, doesn't matter whose birthday it is!