French Pastry

Today's French word is Boulangerie: means bakery, mostly selling bread. (Most boulangeries in Paris sell patisserie (pastry) as well, thank God!).

All of the bakeries in Paris are beautiful. The breads are heavenly, and the pastries are not only gorgeous to look at, but they taste gorgeous too, if that is even an accurate description.
Your head spins when you walk into these places, what to try? Everything looks so good and special.

Gerard Mulot is a very famous patisserie/boulangerie, with a few locations around town. There is always a line inside and they welcome browsers too!
Prices are very high. The beautiful cake I am showing you in the window, costs about 40 euros, which is $60 dollars U.S. Very expensive.

We go for smaller treats, like macarons (not the coconut kind, but a sandwich cookie filled with flavored creme), for 2 euros, or an assortment of brioche or croissant for our afternoon snacks!

This is our breakfast this a.m. from the local boulangerie. We bought the chocolate croissants and DELICIOUS yogurts last night, and made Illy coffee here. The yogurts are full milk fat, none of this nutrasweet or splenda crap. ALL NATURAL flavoring and sugar. This is why the French are so skinny. They don't eat processed foods or low fat substitutes. It doesnt make sense, to eat milk and cheese and bread all day with wine, and not gain weight. The women are all like models. I am the biggest person here, and I am a size 6! This is ridiculous. (I will probably be a size 8 when I return home!).
This a.m. I ate this FABULOUS vanilla yogurt called La Fermiere. It was in a terracotta pot! Can you believe?

For me, the best part of Paris is really the food and wine. Don't get me wrong, the architecture and museums are fantastic, but I am here to eat and drink!
If you are food lover, then this city is a must for you. Get here.

See you tomorrow.
Au revoir!


kat said…
oh yum! my favorite breakfast every morning was either a croissant or petite pan with the best butter, a hot cocoa & an orange bought from a local fruit vender...perfect. they know how to live there
Giff said…
what i miss most is the outdoor markets. why do their carrots look so much better than ours?! sounds like you are having a delicious time :)
Anonymous said…
hello stacey,it's anthony from vavin café in paris. just a kiss waiting for the picture on your blog (which is very nice!). i like your kindness, you are a great couple henry and you. It was nice meeting you. Best thoughts (my girlfriend helped me with the english...)
K said…
Yum! Tthese france food posts are killing me! So JEALOUS. Teleport me a croissant! Pretty please?
Anonymous said…
That cake is too gorgeous to eat - I can't stop looking at it! Eating in Paris is the best way to sightsee - enjoy!!!!
hello Stacy! Hey, I snack, too! Ha! Oh, I bet you'r having a beautiful time in France. Oh, I see you have a comment from someone you've met on your travels. That is so wonderful!

Well, I hope to visit again in the near future!
Your posts are just making me cry!I would be there for the food and drink too!
I'm so jealous!! The food is amazing! What's with those French women??? Where did we go wrong?
Sounds and looks wonderful, Stacey! - John
Anonymous said…
What where i used to go buy macarons when i was a culinary student in Paris. I was broke after that but it was worth it. haha