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We are here. After a long flight from gorgeous Newark, NJ, we are in Paris.

No French word for today for the vocabulary lesson, because the photos will be enough to keep you satisfied for the week.

I HATE to fly. I have to take a xanax before and during the flight to control my anxiety and fear.
The flight last night was the best airplane flight we have ever taken, and the food, yes, the food, was the best part!

We took a new French airline called L'Avion and they actually served a REAL dinner, with 4 choices of French wine and champagne, and even woke us up for breakfast (not necessary) which was also delicious. The coffee was one of the best cups of coffee I have had in years. I should've photographed their lounge, they had tea sandwiches, pastries, wine, beer, and wonderful food. Who eats this much on a flight?
We did.

If you are wondering what the meal consisted of:
Salade w/ Smoked Magret de Canard (duck breast w/ the right amount of fat), with picholine olives. How could this be? It was so damn good. ON AN AIRPLANE????

The entree choices were a lamb stew, or chicken. We chose the safer of the two, and went with the chicken, great mushroom sauce and braised leeks and crusty potatoes.
I had my husband's portion of the little wedge of French Brie cheese w/ apricots and rolls, whole wheat or plain. We had some yummy Burgundy red to go with the meal, and we couldn't believe we were eating on a plane!
Dessert was a delicious apple Normandy cake. The French know how to do it.
You fly a domestic airline and you are lucky if the bitchy flight attendant will throw you an extra bag of peanuts!

OK, enough about the airplane food, but I had to mention it. I will review the airline on the airline review site.

We are a little off, because we are 6 hours ahead and have had not much sleep.
We just had a fantastic lunch at a Brasserie by the apartment.
Simple dejeuner consisting of an omelet with jambon (ham), and a chicken club sandwich w/ perfect toast with tons of homemade mayonnaise and cafe creme (coffee w/ steamed milk).

I will post dinner and our wonderful view of the Luxembourg Gardens tomorrow!


Jeni said…
Glad you made it safely! Looks like there will be so much wonderful food to be had. Enjoy your vacation and I look forward to more posts!!
kat said…
I can't believe anyone still serves food like that on an airplane!
Apparently the xanax didn't get in the way of the photo skills! So pretty! Good food def gets rid of plane terror... Looks like yr already having a terrific time!

xxx Eddie Haphazard
SarahB said…
Love the title! Love the airline food review! How rare and fun! Can't wait for more...
K said…
Glad you arrived safely! I'm very jealous. And in shock about that airplane food! How fabulous.

Can't wait to hear more about your Parisian adventures.

You are making me SO jealous and hungry! Hav fun.
Linda said…
Looks like you're off to a great start!! Happy Vacation!!
Hugs to you and my Bro!!
Anonymous said…
Wow, what a great way to start off a trip! There's a website where people can review airline food and submit pictures (yes, we actually looked at it to decide if we wanted a breakfast/lunch or lunch dinner flight, bad hu?) I can't remember the sight right now. ope you guys have a great time!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
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