Cafe Life

OK, I have decided, I am quitting my day job and will sit at cafes all day and all night. Drinking, eating, smoking and talking about life & politics (but I don't smoke, or speak French, so I guess that's not happening).

Cafes are a way of life for the French. Every street is lined with cafes, brasseries and restaurants. People are sitting outside, even in the winter months. It is a French tradition. All times of the day, people are eating, drinking coffee or wine, and just hanging out. There is no time limit, and the waiters never push you to leave.

You can basically sit at a table the entire day and read a book or blog! and you only need to order a cup of coffee. I don't understand how they make money this way, but it is a wonderful, relaxed, laid back way of life.
We also love to see people with their well behaved dogs sitting besides them inside even the most formal restaurants. Dogs and children are well behaved here and always welcome.

We like to eat at cafes/brasseries mostly, because you can have more traditional French food, and lite fare, rather than a huge, costly meal. You can get away with a bottle of wine and small meals for under $40. for dinner, and the portions are large.

Today, for lunch, we shared a salad with duck, jambon, avocado, wonderful toast w/ warm chevre (goat cheese) and other goodies tucked in the salade, for 13 euros (about $20., and large enough to share). We brought home a prune tarte for our evening snack, and it was only fantastic!.

More tomorrow from the City of Light.


K said…
Totally agree about cafes... ever since my Spain adventure in May I've been mourning the loss of cafes.... its the same in Spain, everyone sits outside and eats and drinks and chats, even if it was chilly or raining! We really need more of that here. Why are people so afraid to eat outdoors? AND I concur about the well behaved children and dogs - what is it about Europe that puts them on their best behavior?

Wish I was there!
rcoda said…
Oh, now you have me wanting to visit France! Can you take me with you next time? ;^)

Glad to see you are enjoying yourselves... and to see my cousin Henry finally make an appearance!

Ciao, for now!

SarahB said…
tawkin on the phone with Beck, reading today's blog together! What could be better? Some of that jambon sure would be nice! By the way, we LOVE the pics of you guys!
Maria said…
I wish I quit my job too! Love all of your photos! I loved going to the cafes and bistros in France! Such good memories!
Anonymous said…
Oh, I'm so thoroughly envious.... I love how you see dogs sitting outside of markets just waiting patiently for their owners to return. Have a great time eating!
Bonjour, world traveler! Thanks for sharing your fabulous meals. I want some FFFF (the 3rd & 4th Fs being French Food LOL), too.
Anonymous said…

Nice to see what your handsome husband looks like. He certainly is good looking. He fits all 3...
tall, dark and handsome.
You both lucked out in your partner choice.
You are such a beautiful couple, Stacey. It's funny that people tell my husband and me that we're too young to be married 13 years, and my usual reply is, "Yeah, we got married when we were 14." (Great minds?) Have a splendid time!
Anonymous said…


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