Bistro Chairs

There are so many beautiful bistro chairs, made especially for cafe sitting. Each one a different color combination, weather-proof and sturdy.

These chairs beckon for a derriere to sit on!

Also, some random bites around town yesterday.

We had lunch on Ile Saint Louis today, a quiet, small island on the Seine, next to Notre Dame, that connects the right and left banks. It was a typical Alsatian restaurant, serving Northern French food.
I had the best onion tart from Alsace, with lardons and a beautiful crust. Every meal comes with bread, and a salad w/ a mustard dressing.

We found a wonderful little shop on Ile St. Louis. It is called La Petit Scierie (check out their website it is worth the look). They have a farm in Burgundy where they raise their own geese and ducks and everything is handmade.
The husband and wife team sell the best duck rillettes (shredded duck), duck confit preserved in duck fat with white beans (you can use the fat to sautee your potatoes in! YUMMY!). All the jars are vacuum sealed and make a beautiful presentation. Too bad they do not do mail order to the U.S. I will be smuggling these in my luggage. I bought 2 jars of the rillette for home.

Also, forgot to mention that Pope Benedict is in Paris for the first time this Friday and Saturday. He is giving a mass today at the Invalides. They expect 200,000 people. Portions of the city are blocked off and there are 9000 extra police around and cameras, speakers and crowds everywhere. Many Italian tourists are here to hear him. We are under lockdown for 2 days, many metro stops are closed due to high security.
I like this photo of the young priests with their young lady guide.

On to Versailles tomorrow!


Anonymous said…
Besides being a great cook, you are an excellent photographer.
You have the much sought after "eye" for everything from chairs to antiques.
Great picture of you and your handsome husband.
Watch out for the gendarmes,
Maria said…
So many neat chairs! When we were in Paris we stayed right by the Notre Dame. I really want to go back. It looks like you are having so much fun!
Anonymous said…
Ohh, i miss Paris so much! :-)
Have a great time!
Joe Horn said…
Love, Love the chairs. We are opening a new restaurant soon and I need some ideas.

Love the blog too. I will be back for sure!