Au revoir Paris, Je T'aime

Well, it's back to the real world.
No more cafe sitting and long walks discovering unique little neighborhoods.

I haven't cooked a thing all week! It feels strange not to prepare the meals.
Last night, our friends from Paris hosted a lovely dinner for us.

They served 2 excellent red wines, a Bordeaux and a Cotes du Rhones. Excellent Roederer champagne along with hams and saucisson (dried French sausages).

For dinner, Clement, who is an excellent cook, made a gorgeous leg of lamb from the best boucherie (butcher) in Paris, with amazing white beans to accompany the d'agneau.

After the lamb, we were served a green salad and 2 beautiful cheeses, one was a hard chevre (goat cheese) and another that was a hard rind cheese.....the name escapes me, and I am cheese challenged anyway, so will never remember. Both excellent.

For dessert we had some local patisserie from Bon Marche, a beautiful, high end department store, that also has a large epicurian section.
We had TOFFEE eclairs, a yellow mirabelle (plum) tart, and baba rums. All very fancy and special.

I ate too much for sure. It was all delicious, and it was nice to be treated to such a feast.

If you have been following my daily Paris posts, then you know we had a fabulous trip. We ate well and explored places that tourists usually don't go. Paris, Je T'aime, we hope to return next year.

See you back in New Jersey on Wednesday!

Au revoir!


kat said…
Have a safe flight back!
Anonymous said…
Your dinner with friends sounds luscious!!! Very fortunate to
Sad to say "au revoir" to gay Paree..
But you had a very special time in a very special place.
with love,
Anonymous said…
You really caught the spirit of Paris - in pictures & words.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said...
Dear Stacey,
As a Parisian, I just LOVED a lot the description of your trip in Paris. The way you talk about these days just means that, beyond cultural differences, some people may find what is nice in a different city from a different country, and forget about what may be offending because different... Just stay forever the way you are, open-minded...

SarahB said…
so sad it's over. It was fun while it lasted!
Anonymous said…
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