Who is Reading this BLOG?

I don't like the word BLOG, it sounds like I am a BLOB. My father in law called me a "blob" by accident the other night, instead of "Miss BLOG", as he usually refers to me.
Blogging has opened up some interesting opportunities for me, not even counting the free food here and there!
I have met some really great people via my blog, not face to face, mostly in email and comments, but have some dinner dates coming up with fellow food bloggers from the NYC NJ area.

Here is something that I find strange.
Sites like Feedburner and Sitemeter can tell you who is reading your blog.
Not their actual name or email address, but what town they live in, what time they clicked on and thru what site they were referred to your site.
I find it FASCINATING that there are people reading my nonsense in Italy, New Zealand, France, Greece and most disturbing were the last 3 locations tonight:

Cumming, Georgia
Climax, New York (this person reads it often)
and Tranquility, New Jersey (I didn't even know this place existed in my state!)

Do you see a pattern here?
This is true, I am not kidding! I thought it was hysterical and had to write about it!

Good night from Miss Blob.


Anonymous said…
What about Hope NJ?
That should be the number one town on your list.

That's hilarious Stacey!
Maria said…
Ha!! So funny!!
rcoda said…
Scottsdale, AZ, of course!
Anonymous said…
hilarious!! i find it fascinating too - sitemeter that is - i actually had to stop looking at it cause i would just keep linking and linking and linking. it can get addictive!
Anonymous said…


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