Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To Catch A Thief

Well, tomorrow will be my last post about my fantastic Jersey Big Boy tomatoes.
Why, you ask? I will tell you why.

I had 11 green tomatoes on the vine yesterday, waiting to ripen and to be used in my great summer tomato recipes.
This morning, I have none. Yes, I said ZERO.
So, you ask, who is stealing my tomatoes? A person in need of lycopene? A little neighborhood brat just having fun? No such excitement.

We set up our spy camera, only to reveal that a cute, little squirrel is the culprit.
I had no idea squirrels ate tomatoes! That little effer has gone to town, leaving half eaten tomatoes on the patio just to annoy me!
Well, I guess I will have to move on to posts about eggplant and zucchini for the next week. I will make a zucchini olive oil cake, a pasta w/ zucchini, ricotta salata and mint, and maybe w/ the eggplant, I will make caponata (eggplant relish).

I am angry about the stolen tomatoes, but I guess kharma has taken over. Remember I was the one who stole the next door neighbor's tomatoes to begin with!!!!!
It all comes full circle!