Simple Pleasures #1: What to do with all those Jersey Tomatoes?

I haven't had a BLT in years, and I can't tell you why, because I love them.
I have been thinking of ways to use my Jersey Big Boy tomatoes, since I have so many of them. So instead of giving them all away (which happens every summer), I surprised my husband for lunch with a B.A.T. A bacon, arugula & tomato sandwich.

The most important element of a great sandwich is the bread. I have no need for packaged, processed, white bread in my life, it serves no purpose.
Our local grocery store gets daily deliveries from all the amazing NYC and Hoboken, NJ bakeries, such as Amy's Bread, Sullivan Street Bakery & Balthazar Bakery. Our cheese man in town gets very good baguettes from a Hoboken, NJ bakery, so we can always find great bread just around the corner.

I toasted up some Anthony's 7 grain bread, spread Hellman's mayo on both sides, topped with cooked, crispy bacon slices, fresh arugula, and thick sliced Jersey tomatoes. The arugula was a nice change to the standard iceberg lettuce.

It was so damn good. A simple pleasure of summer that I had forgotten all about.
Let's see what I can do with those big boys tomorrow!


My mouth is watering! I WANT a Bat!
I love north Jersey bread. In south jersey we have some good bread but I am not sure it is the same as the north jersey Italian stores and bakeries.
Stacey Snacks said…
Lisa, I agree w/ you. I never had a good loaf of bread in any bakeries in Trenton or South of that! Why is that? Your pizza is the BEST, especially tomato pies, as good as NYC & Brooklyn pies, yet the bread is lacking. It must be the water!
Anonymous said…
YUM! The substitution of arugula is a wonderful idea. The peppery taste is infinitly more interesting & tasty than iceburg. I couldn't agree more about the bread...NYC/NJ is the best around.
Jeni said…
Summer tomatoes are the best. That looks fantastic!
kat said…
with a perfect summer tomato this is one of the best things ever