Random Food Bites

Here are some food bites from this week.

Last night had drinks with my 3 year old neighbor, James.
He had juice, I had wine. Here is what we made w/ our leftover antipasto.

I picked our first Jersey "Big Boy" tomato! He looks like he will taste good.

Made another peach dessert. This one was a Peach Skillet Cake from the original Silver Palate Cookbook and was done in a heavy frying pan, baked in the oven w/ a sugar, nutmeg & butter topping. Served warm w/ heavy cream. LOVED IT.

An unwelcome visitor for lunch at my brother's garbage can in New Jersey.


Kelly said…
love the artwork..thats too cute. and omg a bear?!..how freaky is that? did he get any closer?
Stacey Snacks said…
My brother said the bear came back at night, this time in his backyard, I guess the pickin's were that good!