Jersey Fresh

New Jersey is known as The Garden State, or so it says on our license plates. We are famous for:
Jersey Tomatoes
Jersey Corn
Jersey Peaches
Jersey Shore
& The Soprano's

FACT: Did you know that NJ is the 3rd largest producer of cranberries in the U.S.? Wisconsin being numero uno.
During the summer NJ has the best local farmer's markets, selling fine N.J. produce and other goodies, which I frequent often.
Today, I went to the Millburn Farmer's Market. I purchased a mixed berry pie from Gina's Bakery for $18. (a bit pricey, but the guy said "if this isn't the best fruit pie you have ever tasted, then I will give you your money back". I wonder if anyone has asked to get their money back? I will keep you posted).
My favorite purveyor at the market is Vacchiano Farms. Mr. Vacchiano and his son Anthony & Ant's mom, raise their own organic chickens that can be purchased at the market for $3.99 per lb. They are hormone free and the freshest chickens you will ever eat (or I will refund your $!!). They also make the most delicious Italian hot or sweet sausage, all natural, and the only sausage that you will find in my freezer.
As the summer season gets later, the offerings will change at the markets, more peppers and squash will show up, and the tomatoes get more plentiful and cheaper.
Supporting local farmers and buying organic produce is really the way to go. It's good for the pocketbook and better for your health.
You can call your local chamber of commerce to see when your town has a local market.
Enjoy the bounties of summer!


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You forgot about your blueberries!
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