Grilled Shrimp on Pineapple Rice: Strength To Fight a Bear

Everyone loves grilled shrimp, it's impressive and so easy. And hey, check out my husband's cool t-shirt. After eating my meals, he has the strength to fight a bear! (or so the shirt says!) At least enough strength to wash the dishes!

Grilled Shrimp: (this is too easy)

1 lb. of large shrimp, without the shell, but tail intact (I buy a 21 count frozen bag at Trader Joe's & defrost them). I like to butterfly my shrimp by slicing a small cut on the back of the shrimp, this makes it prettier and will fan open when cooked.

Marinade for the shrimp consists of:

1/4 c. soy or teriyaki sauce
3 garlic cloves, minced
juice of a lime
3 tbsp of dark sesame oil
pinch of hot pepper flakes

Throw all ingredients in a ziploc bag w/ the shrimp and marinate half hour, and no more than one hour in the fridge.

While the shrimpies are marinating, cook your rice. I made basmati (great smell) and added chopped scallions, fresh ginger, sesame seeds & chopped fresh pineapple (the pineapple makes this special) to the cooked rice.

Turn the grill to medium flame & grill your shrimp for about 2 minutes on each side, remove with tongs and place on top of pineapple rice.


Anonymous said…
That looks delicious! Great recipe.
Anonymous said…
Great combo! Prawns and fresh pineapple are a dream!
Anonymous said…
This recipe is a keeper - wonderful combo!
Anonymous said…
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