Fig Salad w/ Parmigiano Reggiano

By now, we all know that I love figs. My old post Fig Fetish says it all.
On Sunday at the farmer's market I bought these beautiful mission figs. Californians are lucky that they have all this gorgeous produce all year long, ripe figs, beautiful tomatoes and avocados. So for us, living in the Northeast with only a 3 month growing season, it is sheer delight when I see these beauties at the markets. I always buy too many, and have to come up with ideas to use them.

Here is a favorite weeknight salad that I make often in the summer. I serve it with any chicken dish. Last night I drizzled the rest of the fig dressing onto the grilled chicken breasts. Healthy, lowfat and so simple.

Fig Salad w/ Parmigiano Reggiano: (will serve 4 peeps)

~ 1 bunch of arugula, washed & dried
~ 4 ripe fresh figs (mission or kadota), quartered
~ about 12 slices of the BEST parmigiano reggiano cheese (spring for the good stuff, the supermarket parm is crap), peeled with a vegetable peeler

The Dressing:

~ 1 tbsp of good FIG balsamic vinegar (or regular balsamic if you don't have fig)
~ 1 tsp. of tarragon mustard (I like Delouis Fis from France, the best)
~ 2 tbsp. of good extra virgin olive oil (I will never abbreviate extra virgin olive oil like Rachel Ray does, "E.V.O.O."......there I did it!)
~ kosher salt & pepper

Arrange quartered figs on top of arugula, then shave the cheese on top of salad and dress lightly w/ dressing.


Michele said…
Just came across your blog. Those figs are incredible. We used to have fig trees in my backyard growing up in Brooklyn. Would you believe as a kid I refused to taste them! Well now I have tasted them since my parents brought a fig branch to their new home and grow figs in Staten Island...I absolutely adore them. Never heard of fig balsamic but I sure will look for it now!