Catering Job

I had a brief stint as a caterer last year.

I fired myself because I couldn't stand the stress of it all.

I catered realtor open house luncheons for 50 plus people, and worked long hours for little money.

Though I was a success at the short lived career, I felt my day job was more profitable.
I will confess however, that I am catering a luncheon on July 17 for an old client who begged me, and I did a bon voyage party for someone last week.

Here is the nice summer lady's luncheon menu for 25. I guess I can be bought for a price!

Barefoot Contessa's Grilled Lemon Chicken Salad (always a hit)
Basket of cheese straws
Stuffed dates w/ pistachio nuts and mascarpone cheese
My famous egg salad sandwiches (secret recipe that I will share) on mini croissants
Crostini w/ eye round, artichoke pesto and arugula
Greek pasta salad w/ spinach, tomatoes & feta
Espresso brownies


KELLY said…
I'm always looking for a good egg salad recipe. Do share!