Monday, November 16, 2015

Thoughts on Paris

When have I ever posted anything other than about food on this blog?

I'm not the best writer, I speak from my heart....and sometimes I just say what's on my mind (more than sometimes!).

I felt like I had to say something about the Paris attacks that happened this weekend, in the city I love and think about everyday.

We have made so many friends over the last 10 years and keep in touch with them on a daily basis, Paris has become our second home.

I feel like it's 9/11 all over again.

We live 18 miles from the World Trade Center, and when it happened, it affected our immediate community in many ways. People lost family members in the Towers, and the local economy was also affected by these heinous acts.
We were crippled for a little while, but we stayed tough and came back fully, if not stronger.

France has always been our friend and supported and stood by us during that time, and we are there for them now.

As you must know by now, Paris is a wonderful city, filled with gorgeous, culture and history, but it's the people that make it special.
They are proud and passionate, like New Yorkers, and come together when the going gets tough.
I would get back on a plane tomorrow, if I could!!!!

I receive at least 2 emails a week asking for Paris recommendations on restaurants, where to stay, day trips, etc. As if I were the food ambassador of France!

My godson is leaving for his honeymoon on Saturday, and they were thinking of canceling their trip.....I said absolutely NOT! GO!
You will be fine, and by not going, the bad people win. They want us to be afraid.
(and I would happily chaperone them!).

Without getting too political, I feel we can never compromise our personal beliefs or freedoms that these people are trying to take away from us.

I had to say something about it today, because my heart is broken for all these families who lost loved ones, how do you come back from such a tragedy? I don't know the answer.

No recipe today. Just food for thought.


The JR said...

Hey Stacey, long time no comment....but, I still come by every day I'm at work.

I hate hearing things like this. Indeed a horrible event caused by horrible people. I'll never understand how a group thinks they can accomplish anything in such a hate filled manner.

Take care,

Anonymous said...


You wrote it perfectly....What a tragedy indeed. I have never been to Paris
but I always dream of going one day. I will keep all of the victims and families in my prayers.


Lisl said...

I immediately thought of you, and was glad to know you were home and not there during this awful time.
Yes, it feels like 9/11 all over again.

I pray for peace everyday. The world is a mess.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Ciao Chow Linda said...

Stacey, I don't think anybody knows the answer to combatting terror like this. Since 9/11, what we've been doing in Iraq and Afghanistan hasn't worked. There are more incidents of terror than ever, and ISIS, Al Qaeda and other similar groups have increased in numbers. We arm one group today, only to find them our enemies tomorrow. I don't have answers, but what scares me is that in 14 years after 9/11, our world leaders don't seem to know what to do either. I mourn for the people of Paris who lost their lives. I mourn for the victims in Beirut on Thursday. I mourn for the senseless loss of life in the recent Russian plane crash over Egypt. I mourn for the hundreds of innocent people who lose their lives daily in Syria and around the world, trying to escape terror and immigrate elsewhere. But when the leaders of the free world can't figure out how to eradicate this evil, I worry and mourn for us all.

Jamie said...

And we all just carry on, don't we? We feel heartbroken, sadness, anger, frustration... oddly enough not a lot of fear because of the anger and sadness. We in France are moving through our days with smiles on our faces yet feeling changed, different, empty, as if we have lost a loved one. But everything just keeps going on. And it must! Because we are driven forward by hope. Love to you and yours, Stacey!

Alicia said...

This is what makes us different from the terrorists.....we care about people no matter who they are.
I am a Bostonian and when the we had the Marathon bombing and we came together, no one was taking us down. Go Red Sox!

Alicia said...

P.S..... my high school daughter will be taking a school trip to Paris in 2017
with her french class. I love Paris too.

Bebe said...

Stacey, I too love Paris. Have been fortunate in the past to have been able to stay there long enough to begin to live like a local. An American family even mistook me for a French woman at one of the Metro stations. A compliment!!!

I have found the people to be friendly and decent, in Paris and out in the countryside.

The horror of the attacks on innocent persons, enjoying a Friday evening in a restaurant, at a soccer match, at a rock concert in an historic theater, is almost too much to process.

You expressed very well what I and many of us are feeling… Thank you...

Natalia said...

Great post Stacey!


Eileen said...

I am happy to hear your Godson and wife have decided take their honeymoon in France. I am with you... I would be there right now if I could.

Anonymous said...

Stacey I live in CT and one of my sons worked at the World Trade Center but thankfully was not there. I think everyone should live in peace and just because I don't believe in what you believe in, I don't deserve to die and neither did the people of Paris. France really expressed their sympathies after 9/11 and we should do the same.