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2021 Tahini Caesar

   The 90's are calling and they want their Caesar salad back. I think the first thing I was really good at (in the kitchen) was making a Caesar salad. Friends and family would always request I bring my Caesar salad to parties and holidays, it was so good. My secret was mayo instead of a raw egg yolk, balsamic vinegar and always anchovies. I haven't made it in is very 1999. Well, it's 2021 and I found a new version that I love even better! It has tahini (sesame paste) instead of the mayo or eggs to thicken. It's an adaptation of Eden Grinshpan's recipe from her Mediterranean cookbook Eating Out Loud. I have made it a few times now, and have added my own twists. I always cut down on the garlic to one clove in dressings, since raw garlic can be very harsh......and I omitted the mustard, but go ahead and add a tsp of dijon if you must. Eden caramelizes her nuts in the oven, I do mine in a nonstick skillet, so much easier. I added sliced avocado and a 7 mi

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